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    21 Quotes That Prove ’00s Movies Had The Best Clapbacks

    She puts the "whore" in "horrifying".

    1. When Elle gave the sickest burn ever to be delivered at Harvard, probably.


    2. When Janis had the best-ever comeback.

    Paramount Pictures

    3. When this random villager in Shrek had a great response to a suitor.

    DreamWorks Pictures

    4. When Emily took issue with Andrea's choice in skirts.

    20th Century Fox

    5. When Whitney and Courtney went in on Big Red.

    Universal Pictures

    6. And when Torrance used her boyfriend's own line to break up with him.

    Universal Pictures

    7. When Ron Burgundy got creative.

    DreamWorks Pictures

    8. When this sassy AF kid gave us all our new favourite insult.

    Paramount Pictures

    9. When Snape dragged poor 14-year-old Hermione in front of the whole class.

    Warner Bros.

    10. When Viola as Sebastian went the fuck in.

    DreamWorks Pictures

    11. And when Viola as Viola also really went in.

    DreamWorks Pictures

    12. When the Cat in the Hat didn't even bother mincing his words.

    Universal Studios

    13. When Kate had an original yet still harsh line.


    14. And when Sam had no time for nonsense.

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    15. When the sex god from Angus, Thongs, and Perfect Snogging got Georgia's hopes up, only to crush them.

    Paramount Pictures

    16. When Mia called out Lana, the big ol' jerk.


    17. When this 30-year-old delivered the perfect 13-year-old's insult.

    Columbia Pictures

    18. When Carmen said what we were all thinking.

    Dimension Films

    19. When Hansel came up with this 10/10 pun.

    Paramount Pictures

    20. When Mary took down Hilary.

    United Artists

    21. And when Evan told it like it is.

    Columbia Pictures

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