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17 Accessories For People Who Hate Clutter

For those who love simple design.

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1. The TarDisk 128GB Storage Expansion Card ($149) seamlessly integrates into your MacBook Air / Pro to increase your storage.

Tardisk / Via

Ever wish your MacBook had more room, but hate having an external drive hanging off one of your preciously few USB ports? Enter the TarDisk. It pairs with your internal hard drive to expand your storage.


12. The Swiss+Tech Multitool ($9) adds six tools to your keychain in a thin profile.

Swiss+Tech / Via Amazon

It features:

# Flat Screwdriver

# Phillips Screwdriver

# Micro-Sized Screwdriver

# Straight Blade Knife

# Serrated Blade Knife

# Bottle Opener

14. The Doppler Labs DUBS Acoustic Filters ($25) lowers the noise level around you, without sacrificing clarity.

If you have ever gone to a live event, you know how loud it can get. These fancy schmancy earplugs reduce the volume of the music to a level that is safer for your ears without muffling the sound.