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27 "As Seen On TV" Products That Are Completely Worth Buying

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Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a small share of sales from the links on this page.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us which "As Seen on TV" products are actually worth getting. Here are their 📺 recommendations:

1. The Shamwow, to absorb a ton of liquid and keep your stuff dry.

"I used it constantly when I swam and also on my grandparents' boat to keep things dry. I highly recommend one when around water!"—curlysf

Price: $17

2. The Snuggie, to become a vital part of your couch potato routine.

"I love mine so much. It’s warm and a vital part of my binge-watching, couch potato-ing routine."—eliseh6

"I splurged and got the Jedi robe Snuggie from ThinkGeek and it keeps me so snuggly at my keyboard."—killemalla

Price: $19

3. The Schticky (a lint roller that you can actually reuse).

"Just use it, rinse it off with water, let it dry, and it’s good to go again!!"—kendral464ad75b4

Price: $15

4. The Ronco Food Dehydrator, to dry out your food to keep all year round.

"My mom bought a Ronco Food Dehydrator in 1994, and that thing is STILL working! So much dried fruit! Nom!"—megg4f987cc94

Price: $42

5. The Pocket Hose, which expands with pressure and contracts into a small form for storage.

Submitted by baileypainter33

Price: $15

6. OxiClean, the stain remover that was put on this earth to quickly hide stains from your parents.

"OxiClean was put on this earth to clean up stains before your parents come home and yell at you for it. I’ll never forget how my sister and I spilled something on the carpet (beige colored carpet mind you) and after mixing the OxiClean potion, that shit disappeared just as in the commercials. I’ve sworn by it ever since!"—stephanavich2

Price: $11

7. The Sticky Buddy, to de-lint and remove pet hair from your clothes.

"The Sticky Buddy does exactly what it promises. I love how easy it is to de-lint and remove pet hair from my clothes. It’s also nice because it’s reusable, so I don’t have to feel bad about killing the earth." —Christian Patterson

Price: $9

8. The Turbi Twist, to keep your hair from dripping all over.

Emily Taargüs / Via,

"Keeps your hair from dripping when you get out of the shower and gets out that 'big wet.'"—shannonm4830a245c

"LOL I just took mine off just before I saw this… yep. It works for guys too." —halopenobusiness

Price: $14

9. This Miracle Blade, which is cheap and lasts for years.

"I remember getting the Miracle Blade system and it has lasted SO LONG! Especially the bread/carving knives. For $24 this is a fantastic housewarming gift or a gift for a family member getting their first place. I honestly can’t say that any of these knives have been thrown away yet in over seven years. Just try to forget the awful commercials with 'Chef Tony' cutting a pineapple in mid-air lol." —jlane

Price: $25

10. The Turbo Snake so you don't even need to buy Drano.

"I can’t remember the last time I purchased Drano." —cutychuchu

Price: $7

11. The Heeltastic, which will work miracles and heal your cracked heels.

"I live in flip flops and swim a lot, so my feet are dry and my heels are cracked. This stuff is a miracle. Works right away and lasts forever!" —erint4e0a23afa

Price: $10

12. The Magic Mesh, which will keep bugs out of your home but let your dogs come and go.

Submitted by charlenem2

Price: $17

13. The PedEgg, to remove your calluses and leave your feet feeling smooth.

"I usually use it whenever I wear my Chacos (which is pretty often). It's super easy to use as well."—macyw4e0c3e582

Price: $12

14. The Ove Glove, to stop you from burning your hand off. / Via

"Started as a gag gift for my sister who always burns her hand reaching into the oven. Ended with us replacing all our pot holders with them." —Jill Dembowski, Facebook

Price: $11

15. The InStyler, to straighten and curl your hair in no time., / Via

"I had the InStyler years ago and it worked just as in the ads. It was like having a personal hairdresser at home. It straightened or curled my hair in no time, left my hair feeling very smooth, frizz free, and looking healthy. That was probably the part I loved the most. Miss it dearly." —marisolp409239f61

Price: $99

16. The Rocket Copter, to launch light-up spinning darts that float down to the ground.

"They're so cool. I got them for my dad's birthday as a joke and we ended up having a blast with them. If you’ve ever shot a cheap slingshot, imagine that, at night, with a flashing light. Don't get me wrong, its not hours of fun or anything, but they're really cool." —sarahh4bff3abdb

Price: $10

17. The Wonder Hanger, to save space in tight closets.

"They're kinda amazing." —VanDamsel

Price: $10

18. The Veggetti, to turn vegetables into a healthier pasta alternative.,

"I use it all the time and it’s so easy to clean." —leeannl3

Price: $23

19. The Car Cane portable handle, which makes it easier to get out of a car.

"We got one for my grandmother and it made getting in and out of the car much easier for her." —mrprien

Price: $13

20. The Perfect Meatloaf Pan, which will make it easy to lift your 'loaf out after baking.

"I love making meatloaf and just lifting it out of the pan makes life so easy." —vee02

Price: $15

21. This Scrub Daddy sponge, which changes texture depending on the temperature you're washing with.

"Three for $10 and they last for three months each! No smell and they work on all surfaces without scratching. It even changes texture depending on the temperature of water you’re washing with (stiff in cold water/spongy, soft in warm). Definitely my favorite!" —meredithalvarezm

Price: $10

22. The Fasta Pasta, to cook pasta in your microwave.

"I live in Hawaii, and my oven/stove has a roach infestation and I can’t use it. I was skeptical about cooking my pasta in the microwave, but after living here for a month and surviving off of Taco Bell and Jack in the Box, I knew I had to try something else. Honesty, it cooks my pasta BETTER than on the stovetop. I always know exactly how much time to microwave it for, and it comes out the same way every time! Plus, the lid is a strainer!" —notthatplatypus

Price: $15

23. The Vidalia Chop Wizard, to easily dice up your fruits, veggies and even meats.

"It’s structurally very simple and easy to use. You can dice any veggies you want and even cooked chicken breasts. Also, depending on how you place the vegetable (and whether, or not, you use the piece that pushes the veggie down), you can beautifully and quickly julienne carrots and potatoes. It’s a worthy $20 kitchen investment!" —elizaw441d4d3cc

Price: $23

24. The NutriBullet, to effortlessly pulverize fruits and vegetables into a smoothie.

"My family uses it like almost every day." —dundermifflinfinity

Price: $81

25. The Genie Bra, which is comfortable enough to work out and sleep in.

"I was skeptical when I bought one and LOVED it, so i went and bought another one. I even got my friend to buy one as well. I use it for working out. It's great around the house, to go swimming with, and I've slept in it because it's so comfortable. I like it better than a regular sports bra." —Alicia Cameron, Facebook

Price: $19

26. Hercules Hooks, which are easy to set up on any wall and can hold up to 150 pounds., / Via

Submitted by lulupanda57

Price: $7

27. And the Stone Wave Micro Cooker, which easily makes personal omelets.

Mystic Daizy / Amazon / Via

"I couldn't cook a fried egg until this came along. It also makes easy personal omelets." —Melissa Nouwels, Facebook

Price: $7

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