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Petey Wheatstraw

We gave Petey a Trump toupee with the hair collected from his brush. He's now really loud and proposing a 12' wall around all food bowls.

jlane 3 years ago


Sweet lil shelter cat from Nashville Cat Rescue. She's a fatty who loves snacks ^_^

jlane 3 years ago
jlane 4 years ago

STATIC-X Frontman, WAYNE STATIC, Dead At 48

Wayne Static, musician and former frontman of the band Static X, was found dead at the age of 48 on November 1, 2014.

jlane 4 years ago

Music Video Entirely Of Cats: sElf Releases New Single!

sElf's new single, "Runaway", performed entirely by cats!

jlane 5 years ago