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21 Things You Should Actually Do If You Win The Lottery

Bye student loan debt. Hello dog ranch.

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With the U.S. Powerball currently valued at over one billion dollars (!!!), we asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us what they'd do if they won the lottery. Here are the results:

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1. The fan to end all fans:

"I'd build a Hogwarts replica and open up a summer camp for kids who want to become wizards and witches."

—Kathryn Gentry, Facebook

2. The higher education shade:

"I'd pay off my student loans, and with that last $15 I'd go get some Hardee's."


3. The practical mind:

"I would buy as much ravioli as I can."


4. The dreamer:

"I'd buy a sledgehammer, smash my alarm clock, and sleep until I wake up naturally for the rest of my life. That's luxury."


5. The irony specialist:

"I would fire Trump."

Vikky Mathieu


6. The hero we deserve:

"I'd pay off my family and friends' debts. I'd invest some money, save some money, and buy a modest house and car.

But then, with the money left over, I would become the BATMAN."

—Ali Hana, Facebook

7. The actually good person:

"I'd donate some of it to domestic violence, homeless veterans, animal, and disease research charities. I'd also want to open up a literacy center. I'd give some money to my parents, sister, and in-laws. And then whatever is left can go to my husband (just kidding, we'd share)."


8. The rationalist:

"I'd ignore everyone I haven't talked to in months, and be wary of any guy that reaches out to me. (Let's be real: people are shady.)"

—Latoya Warren, Facebook

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9. The future Mrs. Bieber:

"I'd rent a hut for a month in Bora Bora and pay Justin Bieber to be my boyfriend for that month."


10. The uninhibited spirit:

"I'd make art all day, every day for the rest of my life."

—Ashley L. Maidon, Facebook

11. The other actually really good person:

"I would provide the best education money can buy for my nine-year-old daughter, pay off my mom's mortgage, and donate a big chunk to the Sickle Cell Disease Association."


12. The person who owns The Emperor's New Groove on VHS and DVD:

"I'd build Kuzcotopia."


13. The person who probably likes dogs:

"I'd be a stay-at-home Dog Mom and buy a ranch and fill it with rescue dogs!"

—Cindy Lee, Facebook

14. The person who DEFINITELY likes dogs:

"I'd buy all the dogs in the world and build a house for them."


15. The person who has definitely thought about this before:

"I'd pay off my brother's mortgage, set up trust accounts for my niece and nephew, and pay off the mortgage on my grandparents' house and renovate it. (Including the back garden because it needs work.) I'd buy some land in my favorite part of the country and build a sustainable, eco-friendly house to my exact specifications. It would have beehives and an olive grove."


16. The person who didn't do anything wrong, why are you looking at them that way?:


—Cledythe Wright, Facebook

20th Century Fox

17. The person with a simple dream:

"I'd go to Coachella."


18. The optimist:

"I'd hire a wealth management advisor and attorney, and then have a panic attack."


19. Our lovely, wonderful future boss who we like very much:

"I would buy BuzzFeed."


20. *enthusiastic clapping*

"I'd live, instead of constantly being in a state of trying to survive."


21. And finally, the most honest answer of all:

"I think Scrooge McDuck knows what I'd do with that kind of money."

—Tom Roark, Facebook

Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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