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Feb 2021
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    jesscg2291 commented on If You Love Anal Sex, What Advice Do You Have For People Who Are Doing It For The First Time?

    It’s about the journey, not the end result. My partner and I have been exploring this for almost 2 years, and initially, I just wanted to get to the sex part to “get it over with” rather than figure out what I enjoy. We also use marijuana to help me relax and of course, lots of lube.… 

    3 months ago

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    jesscg2291 commented on Women, Tell Us The Tips That Have Helped You Advocate For Yourself In The Workplace

    I find two things to be really helpful. First, write out what you want to say first. This will both help organize your thoughts and make you more confident in what you are asking for. Practice this if you have time before a meeting, the more confident you feel, the more you will command… 

    9 months ago

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