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14 Times Tom Brady Totally Owned Peyton Manning

The New England Patriots quarterback just won his fourth Super Bowl... and totally buried the Brady Vs Manning argument once and for all. Here’s just some of the ways Brady has trumped Manning.

JaymzClements 4 years ago

15 Times Princess Leia Was The Greatest Woman In The Galaxy

Did you realize Princess Leia had more memorable moments in the original Star Wars trilogy than anyone else? Check out the times Princess Leia was the greatest.

JaymzClements 4 years ago

11 Movies That Prove Blockbuster Sequels Aren’t Always Bad

Blockbuster movie sequels get a bad rap (thanks a lot, Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo)... For those who like things explodey, that's just unfair. Here are gloriously awesome exceptions to the 'sequels suck' rule.

JaymzClements 4 years ago

19 Reasons Why A Bunch Of Punk Kids From Australia Should Be Your New Favourite Band

They're from Australia, they don't mind the odd weed allusion, and they're a reminder that rock'n'roll kicks ass. Meet Violent Soho.

JaymzClements 5 years ago

27 Ways Movie Soundtracks Define Musical Eras Better Than You Ever Realised

It turns out movies and their soundtracks can do a pretty great job of reminding us just how great specific eras of music really were....

JaymzClements 5 years ago