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    • jaye3

      Okay, I’m not really mad at this kid. First off, he is what … 16 or 17?Ican’t faultayoung kid for shooting for his dream. Secondly, so what if Mich St. doesn’t want him? He can still go play for LSU, Univ of Miami, or any other team/coach that has the confidence, reputation, and sports program capable of dealing with and mentoringayoung man.
      Imean let’s keep it 100 Peter Boykin; you talk about black men needing to be on college campuses for the women to date? How about the women get taught not to choose the weed smoking rapper over the college guy? How about the past2or3generations of black parents providing economic opportunities for the black youth by growing businesses in the inner city instead of moving out to the burbs and blowing their money on mercedes and BMW and forgetting the hood? How about black people actually financially support rappers like Common or groups like the roots so that every kid who does want to bearapper doesn’t default to rapping about hoes, cars, and weed? Other than the weed smoking (which unfortunately isamainstay in that rap life), I’m not mad at this kid at all. Somebody will pick him up for his football talent and he can continue his music dream. In this case, MSU is probably on the losing end.

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