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    A Canadian News Anchor Is Going Viral For Mispronouncing An Indigenous Word


    Opaskwayak Cree Nation (OCN) is a proud Swampy Cree community located approximately 626 kilometres North of Winnipeg, near The Pas, MB.

    Unfortunately, the community was recently in the news for a tragic reason: reporting their first death linked to COVID-19.

    That, however, is not what people are talking about across the country, because a CTV News Anchor horribly mispronounced the name of the community while reporting on it. Here it goes...

    Kevin Raven / Via Facebook
    Dreamworks Pictures

    People are still confused as to what even:

    Hearing a CTV Winnipeg news anchor horribly mispronounce "Opaskweyak" by saying "Opasswecrack".

    @AlMclauchlan123 @ctvwinnipeg @Onekanew 😄

    And it seems like everyone heard something different:

    Someone even redesigned the OCN logo for the occasion:

    And the Chief of OCN had this to say:

    Some Manitobans have called for an apology, with one saying the reporter's slip-up was "gross" and "amateur".

    Facebook: CTVMorningWPG

    Another person pointed out that the CTV News reporter, Rachel Lagacé, isn't exactly inexperienced:

    Facebook: tannyce.cook
    The CW

    CTV News and Rachel Lagacé have yet to publicly comment on or apologise for the mispronunciation.

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