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29 Photos That Prove Italy Is Winning The World Cup Of Selfies

When it comes to selfies these guys are world champs.

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1. Let's get this straight. The Italian soccer team is good at selfies.

3. They love taking pics with pets.

4. Along with giving the camera a profile view.

5. They're always down to goof off with old friends.

6. Pose for pics with new ones.

7. Or snap a quick plane photo.

8. They nail the glasses look.

10. Really, really nail it.

11. They'll sneak a kiss while at the Eiffel Tower.

12. Or make silly faces in front of it.

13. They are not afraid to let people see them when they've just rolled out of bed.

14. Or during a moment of silent reflection.

15. They love selfies with their families.

16. Whether its hanging out with mom and dad.

17. Getting excited for Christmas.

18. Or just enjoying a quiet night in bed.

19. They love showing off matching haircuts.

20. Bro-ing out is their specialty.

21. They are never afraid of a close-up...

22. ...Or showing you what goes on behind the scenes.

23. They don't shy away when it comes to showing affection.

24. Whether it's hanging out with club teammates.

25. Or visiting holy sites.

26. So when it comes to looking GQ.

28. Or celebrating victory in the streets.

29. These guys are the undisputed kings of the selfie game.

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