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    These Are The 14 Best Looks From "RuPaul's Drag Race" Season 11 So Far And I Dare You To Disagree With Me

    I'm just here to fight.

    If you're like me, you love watching RuPaul's Drag Race and all the bafoonery that comes with it.

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    If you're even more like me, the 'fits and fashion of the main stage runway is your favorite part of each episode. Season 11 has brought some of the most creative, fashion-forward looks the show has ever seen, and like the Vixen, I'm here to fight about which ones are the best:


    14. Silky Nutmeg Ganache β€” Orange Alert

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    Silky has been pulling out the same silhouette almost every week at this point in the game, and frankly she's turning into the next Latrice Royale of the runway. But the color theme here worked in her benefit, and if you're gonna stick to your pageant guns you better make it immaculate like this every time (spoiler: she hasn't been).

    13. Honey Davenport β€” Fringe


    So this all-black look didn't do Honey any favors when she jumped off the stage in that cluster fuck of a six-way lip sync and proceeded to completely disappear, but by its own merits this outfit is sleek, striking, and badass.

    12. Brooke Lynn Hytes β€” Trampy Trick or Treater

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    How do you bring something new to the runway when trampy Halloween costumes have been done and redone to absolute death? Two words: Mummy. Ballerina. Brooke Lynn knew she had to to pull out her dancing prowess at some point, but who knew the Monster Ball would be the perfect opportunity.

    11. Ra'Jah O'Hara β€” What's Your Sign?

    World of Wonder / Via

    Ra'Jah O'Hara honestly had some criminally underrated runway looks this season (shout-out to her dazzling "All That Glitters" look). Of all her ensembles though, this billy goat zodiac number with braided horns stands out amongst the pack for it's simplistic design and spot-on makeup.

    10. Plastique Tiara β€” Farm to Runway

    While I don't think she should have taken the win for this, I can't deny that Plastique put together a damn good showing for her farm to runway look. Along with Silky as one of two girls to essentially wear the same thing every week and get away with it, Plastique let us HAVE IT with this one on the runway, showing off pure elegance and winning me over for at least one episode.

    9. Yvie Oddly β€” What's Your Sign?

    ANTMmaker / Via

    There are so many Yvie looks I could choose to highlight here, and you're gonna see a couple of them on this list, but this edgy robotic take on a Leo costume is just so damn cool. It may not be all that ~new~ to bring future fish to the stage, but to sell it this well and be so unabashedly, as Ru calls it, "freakazoid" is something to admire.

    8. Scarlet Envy β€” Witch, Please!

    VH1 / Via

    Everyone is saying Scarlet was robbed of her lip sync win a few weeks ago, but this challenge, and specifically this look, are what really went over the judges' heads in my opinion. You'd think it'd be pretty obvious to go the ugly witch route, but Scarlet was the only one with the ladyballs to actually do it.

    7. Shuga Cain β€” From Farm to Runway

    World of Wonder Productions / Via

    Another look in a long line of "outfits overlooked by the judges this season." If Brooke Lynn Hytes is the undisputed *look queen* of the season, then Shuga Cain is the silent runway assassin. She has shown more consistency and versatility week after week on the runway than almost anyone, and this windswept number is another unrecognized stroke of genius.

    6. A'Keria C. Davenport β€” Legendary Look

    VH1 / Via

    Debate over how homemade this actually was aside, this look put me on team A'keria from day one. Most of the time when we see chaps on the runway they just look messy (like Ra'Jah's orange look just three weeks later). In the wise words of RuPaul, "You didn't just do one wig, you didn't just do two wigs, girl you did five wigs!"

    5. Shuga Cain β€” Sequins on the Runway

    Gatekeep/Tumblr / Via

    Finally some recognition for Shuga! How do you know if your look is elegant enough for the judges and not just another elegant, but generic, pageant gown? When RuPaul can't even make a pun during your walk because he's so in awe, that's when you know. She looks regal as hell and I'm so happy she finally got her moment.

    4. A'keria C. Davenport β€” Orange Alert

    ANTMmakes / Via

    I don't care how simple this may seem, if you can fool Raja, Aquaria, and me into thinking a bunch of hastily taped on wigs are one seamless length of hair, you're a winner in my eyes. A'keria knows when to turn from baby Ru elegance to straight up sex, and that unclockable wig did the entire job and more.

    3. Vanessa Vanjie Mateo β€” What's Your Sign?

    Salem Moon / Via

    How did she fit this in her suitcase? Like Silky and Plastique, Miss Vanjie has been getting by on the same silhouette for the better half of this season, except the difference is the judges are actually calling her out on it. If this incredible Libra look is anything to go off of though, Vanjie definitely has a couple sickening ideas left for us.

    2. Brooke Lynn Hytes β€” Farm to Runway

    Entertainment Weekly / Via

    Plastique may have nabbed the win so she could get her story moment last week (which honestly, good job producers), but this runway was all Brooke Lynn's. There's a reason she'd been nabbing design challenge wins from the start, and this pure, free-trade, organic fashion is just another reason to name her official queen of the runway. I need to get me a purse like that... and earrings.

    1. Yvie Oddly β€” Fringe

    kxvinkeller / Via

    THIS is the absolute future of drag, and everything about it is pure Yvie excellence. The umbrella, the makeup, the tentacles, the pink paint she insisted on putting on her taint! Adapting the fringe theme to a giant pink gay jellyfish is absolutely genius. Yvie makes cheap drag look like high-concept fashion executed with nothing but personality and charm, and isn't that what drag is all about?!

    Those are the best looks! Fight me in the comments!

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