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    27 New Skills And Hobbies You Can Learn If You’re Stuck At Home

    Raise your hand if you can't sit still when you're stuck at home.

    1. Develop elegant-looking handwriting that'll make people think your homemade card was store-bought — all thanks to this hand lettering book.

    2. Brew your own personal batch of kombucha that might give the bottled, store-bought ones a run for their money. It's much easier than you think when you have a kombucha brewing kit with all the essentials, including cultures and pH strips.

    3. Organize your life using a bullet journal set (complete with reusable stencils) if most normal planners just don't cut it for you. The beauty of the bullet journal is you can create a system that's tailored to your unique lifestyle and interests.

    4. Strengthen your body and relax your mind with just your laptop and a few clicks on over to YouTube for some yoga videos. Yoga With Adrienne is a popular channel with easy-to-follow instruction for all skill levels.

    5. Revisit a fun childhood past time making friendship bracelets with this pack of embroidery floss. I don't know about you, but I used to sit in front of the TV and spend hours making fun bracelet patterns.

    6. Whip up your very own special hot sauce tailored to your spice preferences with a hot sauce making kit. Whether you're a spice aficionado or just always stick to store-bought, the kit gives you everything you need to easily create your own bottle.

    7. Read up on how to be a better plant parent if you've ever been guilty of accidentally killing your green babies. How Not To Kill Your Houseplant can help you create the little greenhouse of your dreams.

    8. Pick up a language you've always wanted to learn using the Duolingo app. No, you don't need to take a college language class and no, you don't need to revisit your high school French notes. Just download the free app!

    9. Practice making cute beanies, scarves, book covers, and more with a set of crochet yarn and hooks. Nothing makes time fly faster than cable-stitching yourself a nice, soft infinity scarf.

    10. De-stress by creating dozens of ~sweet-smelling~, Pinterest-worthy bars of soap. This cool soap-making kit includes molds, fragrances, and soap base so you can have endless fun.

    11. Teach yourself a coding language since it seems like everyone and their mother is adding JavaScript as a skill on their resume (and for good reason, too). Thanks to Codecademy, you won't have to regret not majoring in comp sci.

    12. Concoct your very own cloud, alien, and mermaid slime (and more!!) at home with a DIY slime-making kit. If you've ever played with slime before, you know that it's way too easy to become obsessed with stretching and molding it (guilty).

    13. Become a killer ukelele player with this beginner kit if you've always wanted to learn an instrument but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars for a guitar or clarinet.

    14. Up your stick-figure drawing game and transform into an artist with a step-by-step book. You'll learn techniques for creating more detailed animal drawings.

    15. Or you can just learn how to draw anything you can think of with a book of 642 things to draw. This way, you can have at least 642 hours of artistic fun.

    16. Master your mind using a meditation app. Headspace features exercises for any experience level so anyone can learn how to use the power of their mind for productivity, dealing with stress, and even personal growth.

    17. Make your very own scented candles for home decor or mood lighting for a spa day. This candle-making kit gives you everything you need if you're always spending money on fun candles everywhere you go.

    18. Become a ~master of illusions~ by learning a card trick or two. Mismag822 has a YouTube channel dedicated to card trick tutorials so you should be getting quite a few oohs and ahhs very soon.

    19. Practice your pasta-making skills with a ravioli press that makes it easy for you to stuff your pasta squares with whatever you want. If you can't go out to an incredible Italian restaurant, bring the restaurant to your kitchen!

    20. Or become a master chef of your own off-road creations with this cookbook that teaches you how to not use cookbooks. And you don't even need a culinary degree.

    21. Snap your way to ~incredible~ photos without having to shell out hundreds of dollars on a DSLR camera. iPhone Photography School posts videos teaching viewers how to improve their photography skills and take great photos on just their phone. In other words, you're a few YouTube videos away from the Insta feed you've always envied.

    22. Thread your way to a masterpiece using an easy-to-follow embroidery set. If staying at home has you feeling a little gloomy, this particularly colorful pattern might help a smile ~blossom~ across your face.

    23. Increase your word knowledge with a book of 50 of The New York Times' Monday crossword puzzles. The easier puzzles might make you feel like a ~vocab. pro~ and the harder ones will motivate you to step up your game!

    24. Redecorate your entire home with beautiful bouquets you can learn how to put together all on your own with some flowers from the grocery store. Team Flower has a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching people how to pick the best colors and flowers for gorgeous arrangements.

    25. Grow your own herbs at home with this indoor garden starter kit. It's perfect if you love to cook with fresh herbs or have always wanted to try your hand at gardening but haven't had the space.

    26. Relieve some anxiety with this Drinking Animals coloring book that not only provides cute pictures of animals drinking, but also gives you a cocktail recipe on each page!

    27. And finally, sing your heart out with your family members or roommates as your Idol judges. With a karaoke microphone that connects to your playlist via Bluetooth so you can belt out your all-time favorites, there's no way you won't hear that coveted phrase: "Welcome to Hollywood."

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