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    39 Top-Rated Products That Have Left Reviewers Swooning

    Best sellers in home improvement, personal grooming, and cleaning that you should probably check out before they sell out.

    1. A twice-a-day weekly pill organizer that over 10,000 reviewers rave helps them stay on track with vitamins and meds from a.m. to p.m. The best part? Each colorful container is small and compact enough to individually slip into your bag — so you have one less thing to think about on your next errand-filled day.

    2. Affresh dishwasher tablets if you've never thought to clean the appliance that does your least favorite chore for you. These dissolve residue buildup and blast away foul odors to get your machine cleaning dishes like it used to.

    3. And some for your washing machine, because laundry day doesn't have to stink. These fast-acting tablets eradicate funky smells and nasty buildup from the edges of the drum in just a couple of cycles.

    4. A pair of buttery soft hybrid leggings plus joggers so glorious that they've amassed over 70,000 admirers. Folks are noting that these feel like strokable velvet ideal for chillier days *and* have a breathable quality for temps best described as "sticky." I mean... can it get any better?!

    5. A HyperChiller beverage cooler if, for you, iced coffee is *life*. This turns hot java into a frosty glass of joe in 60 seconds flat — with the added benefit of potentially transforming you into a morning person, because now you'll actually look forward to waking up and grabbing this outta the fridge.

    6. A jar of top-selling lemon scented toilet bombs to break down gross rings that have built up around the edges of your porcelain throne. Just pop one of these lemon drops in and behold: a citrusy fizz taking care of one of your least favorite chores.

    the jar and round toilet bombs

    7. Hypoallergenic brushed microfiber sheets to breathe some new life into your boudoir. These gems have garnered over 100,000 positive reviews that praise their wrinkle- and fade-resistance as well as their ability to slip over mattresses with ease. Did Sunday snuggles just get even more appealing?!

    Reviewer image of beige sheets on a bed

    8. Maybelline Total Temptation Eyebrow Definer pencils in patchy brows for a look that's natural, long lasting, and can be tamed using the soft, built-in spoolie. And! Reviewers note that the angled pencil allows for quicker (and easier) application over a smaller, pointed tip.

    9. A travel Venus razor complete with a matching protective case that I have been carrying around for *years* now. Toss this in just about any bag for quick touch-ups on the go, so you can get the same smooth results without the need to lug around a full-size razor.

    A model holding a mini razor with a matching protective case

    10. An earwax removal kit because sure, there are those products that help you breathe easy, but what about the ones that help you hear? These drops soften up excess wax that can cause blockages, so you can bid the days of just smiling and nodding pretending you heard the punchline adieu.

    Reviewer photo of their finger covered in chunks of ear wax

    11. A lazy-person-approved handheld steamer lauded by reviewers who, like me, do not own an iron. I mean...if you can get the same wrinkle-free results without having to go through multiple steps that involve setting up an awkward-shaped board, why would you?

    12. Reusable duster pads made of fluffy washable fleece fabric to collect dust bunnies and other allergy-causing particles. So long, wasteful, disposable dusties, these bbs do a *much* faster job — faster than you could sneeze and exclaim "bless you!" to thin air, in fact...

    the colorful dusters

    13. A create-your-own countertop kit to help you finally get those granite surfaces you've have always dreamt of. This wow-worthy hack will transform the look of your kitchen without the need to get contractors in.

    14. A wine-stain removing spray that defeats every ~eventuality~ and works on anything from vino to coffee stains (and even accidents from your furry friends!). So rest assured your all-white, Pinterest-worthy decor is safe — even if it happens to be in the splash-zone.

    15. A top-rated 12-cup Ninja coffeemaker for anyone ready to whip up *more* than just two cups of caffeine to combat Monday morning grogginess.

    the coffee machine

    16. An Onset eyebrow soap kit that will set brow hairs in place and up for success! Your over-tweezed brows from your teens are *so* jealous of your present brows since this stuff tames and fluffs all at the same time.

    reviewer showing before, after application, and complete with filled-in brows

    17. A multipurpose cleaner to hit the rewind button x2 on pesky carpet stains *and* sticky gunk on kitchen cabinets. It's formulated with natural, plant-based ingredients and super fresh, amazing-smelling scents.

    three bottles of the cleaner in scents frankincense and myrth, sandalwood, and nag champa

    18. A gravity-defying bookshelf to stack your hard and soft covers in the air and off of surfaces like the cluttered corner of your bedroom. Plus, they just look ultra cool and make a great decor statement.

    Ten hidden bookshelves holding books

    19. Glossier Wowder softens shine as the final step in curating your selfie-ready look (no Insta filter required). I, for one, cannot stop bragging about its ability to blur pores because the moment this light powder hits, *poof* skin appears smoother and foundation stays put well into the night.

    20. An elastic Boobuddy for anyone who simply chooses not to partake in running because the ladies won't stay put. This adjustable invention solves that ish' by strapping over your sports bra to prevent movement for a secure and comfortable fit.

    21. OR! A boob-encapsulating bra that looks like a sports bra, but *fits* like a regular one. This baby will support you instead of compress you for all high intensity activities. And! You can thank the ventilating mesh panels that'll save you from stewing in your own sweat alongside cushy straps that will make digging a thing of le past.

    image of reviewer wearing sports bra

    22. A hydrating lip balm that cleverly changes color with your skin's pH level. Taking the guesswork out of finding the perfect shade to match your complexion? Done. Thanks to this Insta-worthy lippy that even has a flower living inside of it 👀.

    23. A migraine relief stick to help lessen the headaches that can be triggered by, well, anything. This essential oil roll-on provides a cooling, clarifying sensation with peppermint, spearmint, and lavender oils, and can be applied to anywhere that you hold tension.

    24. A grout pen if your tiles have become so unsightly you've forgotten what color the lines are that's separating them. (Spoiler: they're white!) This solution revitalizes floors in your bathroom, backsplashes in the kitchen, or literally wherever tiles live in your home.

    Before shot of tiles with brown grout vs after shot white grout

    25. A zipper puller you'll probably need if you've recently moved out on your own and no longer have roommates to call on for ~zipping you up~ before a night out.

    26. A foot file to reverse crusty feet epidermis back to its OG baby-soft state. If you want to let your hooves see the light of day even when it's not sandal season, this miracle worker will gift you with brand-new feet that you'll be proud to parade around.

    27. Some Sevích hairline shadow you can use to touch up graying roots and fill in thinning areas to give the appearance of denser, thicker hair without the fuss. If you've ever thrown your hair up and noticed areas of pesky gray or spots that are looking a lil' sparse, simply plop some color on the sponge applicator and dab it into your scalp for a fuller 'do.

    28. A hanging T-shirt organizer if you're sharing a closet with someone who's ever exclaimed, "Aren't dresser drawers meant to stay open?!" These ingenious rolls can store anything from T-shirts to pants and even linen items, so you can take care of their sloppiness and maximize your wardrobe space.

    29. A hard water stain-remover if you're planning for an upcoming move, this stuff does all the hard work for you. Think: toilets, showerheads, and tiles clear and shiny enough so you can get that security deposit back, no questions asked.

    Reviewer image of stained shower door vs clean shower door

    30. A nail polish holder ring to steady your paws as you apply your new seasonal shade. This gadget comfortably sits between two fingers so you can dip and paint with ease as you re-binge the Housewives for the 12th time.

    Reviewer using product to paint nails

    31. A set of Wad-Free pads invented to make sheet-washing day a tad more enjoyable. If you've ever pulled out a tangled mess of bedcovers clumped together with other (sopping) items, you're going to want to listen up: These time-savers clip onto the ends of sheets to ensure everything *stays separate* so you don't have to do multiple drying cycles.

    the wad free pads attached to a bed sheet

    32. A Kitsch microfiber hair towel that keeps hair in place, out of the way, and gets sopping locks to dry fast without the need of blasting heat. Super-absorbent fabric? Yep. Easy to use? You betcha.

    33. Mighty Patch hydrocolloid pimple patches that work to absorb pus and shrink zits ~head on~. For those who are not out of the maskne woods (me), these are great to prevent picking and, according to one of our editors, are an effective treatment to avoid scarring and hyperpigmentation.

    amazon reviewer's clear pimple patch full of sebum

    34. A set of string lights which are specifically designed for curtains and window treatments. Because the last time I checked, a wall flush with twinkly lights is the *only* way to create a stay-at-home wonderland.

    35. A 24-oz Bindle water bottle complete with a roomy compartment to store your most-needed items. And this clever thing also features a vacuum seal to keep cold bevs cold and hot ones hot for up to 12 hours.

    36. A hard-boiled-egg timer you'll wonder how you lived without once you put it to use. This lil' guy changes color to indicate how your eggs are cookin', so you can ditch the "how long should I..." googling you do every time you decide to boil an egg.

    reviewer image of timer sitting in pot with two eggs boiling

    37. A Tushy bidet that'll feel like a visit to the waterpark for your bum! We are here for anything that creates less TP waste, looks sleek (this comes in a platinum and bamboo style), and freshens up our backsides so we don't have to.

    38. Melody Susie Brush-Cleaning Egg and Ecotools Brush Shampoo gives your most-used beauty tools a good spring clean scrub — which you should try and do regularly to defeat yucky, acne-causing bacteria.

    a soapy brush and textured silicone egg; before: dirty brushes looking pink and orange and after: the clean brushes now grey and beige

    39. An airplane phone mount allowing you to watch all your saved Netflix shows with comfort and ease mid-flight. And some reviewers are noting how it can be used in regular life, too — no plane ticket required.

    reviewer's phone mounted on the back of an airplane seat