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    30 Stylish Pairs Of Shoes People With Wide Feet Swear By

    Your piggies are about to score *so* many comfy finds at the market...

     Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. Faux leather pumps for making history as being *the* pointy style that actually *works* for wide widths. And because we care so much about you, dear reader, we're suggesting this style since it has an adjustable ankle strap and a low-rise heel. That's sophistication + comfort for your precious feet!

    2. Elastic ballet flats your dogs will never bark in, seriously, even those with wide feet, different-sized feet, or bunions. In fact, your feet will be so happy dressed up in these, you'll find it hard not to pirouette right out of the door.

    3. Low wedge sandals created for tricky toes that tend to swell in the heat. Thanks to these stretchy elastic straps that mold to your shape and size, you can think of them like a bandage bodycon dress that perfectly hugs your bod — but for your gorgeous feet instead!

    4. Slip-on sneakers (in 70+ styles!), the failsafe option when you need to go check the mail... which turns into needing to grab a few things from the store, and now all of a sudden you're at the post office. But hey! At least you were able to slide into an easy breezy pair of shoes to take you there and back.

    5. Rubber slides so comfy, they'll be the first thing you pack for your upcoming vacay. And best believe, these waterproof mavens will leave p-lenty of space for your toes to b-r-e-a-t-h-e on the the beach...

    Model wearing the slide sandals in green

    6. Leather platform clogs that are helping feet look and *feel* happy all day long. What's not to love? You've got comfort served in the form of '70s-era fashion that looks divine with virtually any outfit. OK... I'm convinced. You need these.

    Model wearing the clog heels in red

    7. Sleek slip-on flats destined to be coupled up with every single one of your ensembles. They have an elasticized opening, so your toes can slide in comfortably and won't feel trapped with no way out like they might do in other rigid styles.

    The elastic flats in multiple fabrics and patterns

    8. Comfy cork bed sandals that some reviewers are noting resemble a ~similar looking slide-on style~. And these cushy soles have all the qualities of an expensive-looking sandal, including its ability to look oh so stylish with pants and skirts, but at a third of the price!

    9. Pointed toe mules here to bring your search for a stylish and comfy flat to a screeching halt. One reviewer refers to these as "wonderful" and that they "feel so good on my feet," so rest assured you'll be in heaven the next time you need something fancier than a pair of dingy sneakers to run your errands in.

    10. Espadrille platform sandals to reward your cooped-up toes with cushions in the form of stylish, breathable shoes. For the days when you want some height without feeling like you're wearing stilts, these babies will look great with any and every pair of bottoms in your closet.

    11. Pointed cutout ankle booties ready to give wide feet dream-like comfort *and* style all year round — because there's nothing these sophisticated slip-ons can't do. Dresses? Jeans? Skirts? We'll grab the check for all three!

    the cognac colored bootie

    12. Dr. Martens tie-up gladiator sandals so you can bounce around your city in something that's just as tough as your trusty combat boots, but also allows your little piggies to breathe in the 100-degree heat.

    13. Square-toe pumps designed by a brand who just gets wide feet — Naturalizer. They craft flexible, cushiony, contour-to-your-feet styles, but make 'em fashun. And these bbs won't pinch your piggies since their shapely toe leaves enough room for you to walk in for miiiiiles.

    14. Timeless Teva sandals you'll be ready to take on a stroll the moment they arrive at your house. And their extra-wide footbed and adjustable straps are so well-crafted, you might even forget you're wearing anything down there.

    Reviewer wearing the Teva sandals in pink

    15. Hoka Bondi 7 sneakers built to go the ~distance~ especially for us wide-footed folk. We have the roomy toe box, oh-so-cushy soles, and breathable mesh that cradles the foot just right, to be so very grateful for. We thank you, shoe gods.

    model running up the stairs in the blue, pink, white sneakers

    16. Faux leather oxford lace-ups made with toe-tappingly good taste. And with those laces, you can customize the fit depending on your foot shape — no more squeezing your tootsies into too-tight shoes in the name of fashion!

    Model wearing the white heeled oxford shoes

    17. Blowfish wedge sandals with faux leather straps and comfy canvas material that are ready to take on all warm weather activities. Essentially, any linen-based 'fit — that's equally as breathable as these shoes — cannot wait to go to brunch, the beach, or a picnic at the park paired up with these.

    The fabric sandals with braided straps

    18. Chunky heel ankle boots that will take a-n-y look to new and exciting heights. These beauts are stylish, versatile, and their rubber platform sole will ensure you don't feel wobbly if you're not used to a little ~elevation~.

    19. Block heeled loafers, the equivalent of a power suit but in the form of an almighty and powerfully chic *shoe*. This beauty will look just stunning paired with skirts, dresses, and those longgg pants that you've been meaning to get hemmed... Now you won't have to since these'll give you all the lift you need.

    the cream colored shoes

    20. Lightweight mesh sneakers you can rest assured your feet will be taken good care of in. Since these flexi shoes will simply feel like you've got some fancy, breathable socks on, which *also* means you won't find discomfort in the form of rubbing and/or chafing.

    reviewer wearing the purple mesh sneakers

    21. Woven slides so you can sightsee in some soft, supple leather without a care in the world — a care in this context being heel blisters which you won't have to worry about 'cuz of open backs, baby!

    the cream colored slides

    22. Yoga sling flip-flops with the durable, cushiony softness you might find in a yoga mat. No, seriously, these are made from the same material found in the equipment you do a downward dog on — so you already know you're gonna feel complete zen the moment these grace your toes.

    Model wearing the fabric yoga-sling sandals

    23. Leopard print lace-up boots specifically designed with the word "miracle" in mind since they have enough room for your toes to wiggle, yet feel completely secure and never crammed.

    model wearing the leopard print ankle lace up boots

    24. Ankle strap wedges if wearing sky-high heels to weddings just isn't your thing. These dream boats are the perfect compromise of fashion meets stamina, since you can go from the ceremony to the dance floor in something that will look so chic, but won't bother the balls of your feet.

    Model wearing the low wedge sandals in pink

    25. Braided rope sandals your pinky toes will *never* feel smushed in. No signs of stressed-out feet here, folks, because these timeless yet divinely comfy shoes will make you feel like you're on a never-ending vacation.

    Model wearing the rope braided sandals

    26. Platform lace-up shoes for wet nights where you still have to look put together, these saviors will quickly teach you that dressing up doesn't have to mean heels are the only answer.

    Model wearing the faux leather oxfords

    27. Buckled heeled sandals guaranteed to be your latest crush since they come in a variety of colors and fabrics that'll add a touch of polish to all of your spring to fall looks.

    28. Faux suede lace-up heels for a compliment-worthy shoe that'll elevate your style. Not to mention, their open toe design actually leaves enough wiggle room for your feet to breathe. I can hear the "ahhh" already.

    29. Animal print leather trainers gifted with the ability to make you and your toes feel so relaxed yet super fashion forward. We are here for an ouch-free fit that gives us a cloud-like feel when we're on our hooves allll day.

    Model wearing the animal print training sneakers

    30. Dunes studded wedge sandals that say sayonara to blisters since their straps feel like butter, and the footbeds? Oh, they're like cushions. Cue your sigh of relief now that you've found a comfortable style that also looks *damn* good.

    reviewer wearing the tan faux wood heels

    You running out the house in your new comfy kicks:

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