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    34 Small And Affordable Ways To Level Up Your Living Area

    Live. Laugh. Transform that corner of clutter.

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    1. Organize those books that are piling up to one side with a bookcase that fits flush within a corner. Even if your collection isn't filled with great American classics by F. Scott Fitzgerald, it still deserves to be displayed atop something that complements the glamor of Gatsby.

    The four-level shelf

    2. And if you're struggling with *how* to organize said books, might we suggest arranging by color? Grouping novels together based on their hue adds instant Pinterest-worthy glam.

    books organized by color

    3. Transform that area (re: under your coffee table, side shelves...I could go on) that's become a catchall for your mismatched household items with shelf organizers. The surefire way to categorize, de-clutter, and hide any hoarder-like tendencies.

    4. Switch up your lighting from stark white to ambient as heck with warming Edison bulbs that are dimmable and illuminate with a ~vintage glow~.

    Four Edison bulbs lit up

    5. And complete the look with a chic rose gold lamp that comes with a marble-inspired base, so you can trick people into thinking you got a degree in interior design. (Don't worry, we won't tell!)

    The arched rose gold lamp

    6. Elevate your plant baby with a plant pot stand that will allow it to grow from new, eye-catching heights. And as an added bonus, it makes a great statement piece for your room.

    The black plant stand

    7. And if you didn't develop a green thumb during quarantine, opt for a faux Rubber plant to add some color to your space. Nestled in a woven pot, this tropical alternative doesn't require a weekly phone reminder that says it needs to be watered.

    The rubber plant

    8. Inject some elegánce to your go-to lounge spot with a decorative Van Gogh-inspired pillow cover. This belongs in the museum that is now your living room.

    The yellow almond blossom Van Gogh-inspired pillow

    9. Or alternatively, throw a textured one with tassels on your chaise lounge. This cushion is guaranteed to cheer up any seating (or snoozing) area in an *instant*.

    The white and auburn tasseled pillow

    10. Create a warm, cozy atmosphere with a candle that emits a delicious year-round scent that outdoes any seasonal fragrance that came before it.

    Hazelnut and coffee scented candle

    11. Revive furniture legs and floors you thought were beyond help with a wood repair kit. These handy little markers perfectly touch up pet scratches and shoe scuffs that have gone untreated to reveal wood that looks brand spankin' new.

    12. Mask the eyesore that also keeps your home warm and cozy with a stylish DIY radiator cover aka a console table. A perfect place to display candles and picture frames, plus a great way optimize your living space.

    The console table

    13. Add some shine to your neutral-toned couch with a soft chenille throw blanket you can wrap yourself in for your next movie marathon.

    The teal blanket

    14. And give your additional blankets a tidy, trendy place to live with a large two-toned basket to round out your clean new aesthetic. Because that plastic laundry basket they're currently laying in should go back to where it belongs — in the laundry room.

    The two-toned brown and cream basket

    15. Update your drab, worn-in couch with a set of ~luxe~ velvet slip covers — for a living room glow up that is so affordable it hurts. And it couldn't be easier for a DIY newb since you just slide these babies over your seating area and secure them with nonslip straps.

    16. Opt to hang a light layer or wall mount with quirky hooks that will bring you so much joy you won't be able to keep a straight face anytime you enter the room. These will undoubtedly be a conversation piece the next time you have guests over.

    Hooks in the shape of a woman's upper body

    17. Hide unsightly wires in an electrical cord box that has a faux wood top and white base to seamlessly camouflage itself within your home. (Because we know you're sick of seeing the forest of cables that run from your TV down the sides of the wall.)

    18. Swap out those plain ol' light switch and outlet plates with new classy covers that only look expensive. This is truly a low effort, high impact upgrade.

    The silver-plated light switch cover

    19. Breathe new life into your living space with sheer curtains that have a unique ombré design for a subtle touch of sophistication; so you can finally ditch those heavy linen ones that came with your apartment.

    Brown ombre curtains

    20. Neatly display your beloved succulents, or any other knickknack you cherish, atop a gorgeously minimal golden floating shelf.

    The gold half circle shelf

    21. Revamp the room you spend most of your down time in with an accent wall of easy-to-apply peel 'n' stick wallpaper — because those sad white walls are screaming out for change.

    22. Create your own gallery wall with art that's worthy of being framed in a gold set. Because those pictures you've been meaning to hang are gathering dust and boring ol' white frames just won't do.

    Reviewer image of their gallery wall using the gold frames

    23. And if you're having trepidations about how to lay out said frames (because I can't hang things in a straight line for the life of me let alone create an Insta-worthy arrangement!), make a template with some paper and painter's tape.

    24. Make watermarks think twice about going anywhere near your precious coffee table with *luxe* marble coasters that have gold foil edges. This fancy set looks totally splurge-worthy, but in reality costs less than $25.

    The marble coasters with gold foil trim

    25. Adorn your cold wooden floor with a gorgeously fluffy accent rug that you'll immediately want to kick your shoes off for and run your toes through over and over again.

    Cream and grey tufted rug

    26. You can even create your own DIY accent rug! Simply rummage through your wardrobe, pick out some tees that you haven't worn in *checks calendar* nine years, and weave 'em together to make something similar to the masterpiece below.

    27. Toss out the dull cardboard tissue box that isn't doing any favors for your living area and instead ~house~ your Kleenex in a cute box cover. You'll want to have this close by the next time you watch a real tearjerker (aka any commercial that involves animals).

    Reviewer image showing the white tissue box with a tissue coming out of the chimney

    28. Accessorize the arm of your couch with a convenient side table. This discreetly slides under furniture to save space and is the perfect ledge to place your laptop on the next time you're working overtime from your couch.

    The vintage wooden C-shaped table

    29. Save yourself the aggravation of calling out to thin air when you've misplaced your TV remote with a leather organizer. This will neatly and elegantly store the device that has a million names (doodad being a personal fave).

    The off white leather remote organizer holding three remotes

    30. Fashion a tabletop bar with an ornate vanity tray if you don't have the square footage to accommodate a full-sized cart. Honestly, affordable luxury never looked so good!

    The vanity tray with glassware and a bottle of alcohol sitting on it

    31. Give your furniture new life with gold metal feet to instantly ~elevate~ your TV console and couch's aesthetic.

    32. Update your overheads with charming cage pendant lights — an easy way to make an upgrade without breaking the bank (even though it might look like you did).

    The hanging cage pendant lights

    33. Add an additional seating option that triples up as a footrest and storage solution with a velour ottoman that has a removable lid. We *adore* a multitasking home good.

    The blue velour ottoman

    34. And create an art deco-inspired accent wall with palm leaf stencils to douse your lounge in old Hollywood glamor. This design is guaranteed to be the pièce de résistance of your new ~salon~.

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