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    35 Products Under $20 That Will Make Spring Ten Times Better

    Outdoor lights, ruffly dresses, and low-effort beauty to make you and your wallet love spring even more.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A cutesy floral print dress you'll be reaching for again and again if your cal is starting to fill up with picnic plans and weekend brunches. The frilly sleeves and open back details make it a total compliment magnet, so you won't mind if the same eyes see it twice.


    Get it from Boohoo for $12 (available in sizes 4–14 and three colors).

    2. Satin pillowcases that'll come in handy now that humidity is on the rise. These will shape up to be a divine (but affordable) accompaniment to your bedroom decor, while the matte satin finish will keep your hair tangle- and frizz-free.

    The light pink pillowcase laying on a dressed pillow

    Promising review: "My daughter has extremely curly hair, and using these pillowcases helps to keep her hair free of knots and tangles. I will definitely be ordering more sets! Great product at a great price!" —Shannon

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95 (two in a pack; available in 17 colors).

    3. A pack of 100% eucalyptus steamers to transform your usually stuffy bathroom into a therapeutic spa. Refreshing vapor that's reminiscent of springtime air and may help clear our sinuses? Sign us up!

    the packets of white shower steamers

    RelaxAwayEssentials is a Missouri-based Etsy shop that specializes in unique self-care goods, like bath bombs, hand creams, body scrubs, and oils.

    Promising review: "These are fantastic! My husband loves them! The whole upstairs smells like a spa after using these! They smell wonderful!" —Customer

    Get them from RelaxAwayEssentials on Etsy for $10.

    4. Kaleidoscopic window film that will make working from home while it's unbelievably gorgeous outside feel a little bit more pleasurable. Because when that springtime sun hits... *ahh* it's just what we need to get over the afternoon slump.,

    Each tile you buy is peel-and-stick, so it's super easy to use!

    Promising review: "Not only is this functional, it is SO pretty. It gives my bathroom a totally serene feel. It's easy to install — there IS a film on the back that must be removed. On a corner, use a piece of tape on the front and one on the back, and pull apart until the film comes off. Note: The film is clear; the rainbow effect comes from light being refracted by the film." —Stephanie Graham

    Get it from Amazon for $8.98+ (available in seven sizes).

    To learn more about this, check out "Everyone Should Consider Getting This Window Film And Filling Their Home With Rainbows."

    5. A sleeveless drawstring jumpsuit (with pockets!) that is so ridiculously easy to style from spring through fall. As a matter of fact, if you don't want to go to through the effort of putting on another layer, you don't have to! This beaut is a one and done for warmer weather.,

    Promising review: "This is probably the sixth or seventh romper I’ve attempted. And it is the only one that has looked cute. I have curves in all the weird places for a romper. They’re always too short on me and fall weird but the fitted cuff is just perfect on this! I also loved that I had thicker straps because I have pretty large boobs. Spaghetti straps just don’t look good on me. As far as I’m concerned this is the only romper I’ll ever buy!" —Angie

    Get it from Amazon for $17.14+ (available in sizes S–XXL and 17 colors).

    6. Outdoor string lights to convert your balcony, backyard, or patio space into a glistening paradise. Because there's no better way to celebrate the days getting longer than soaking in some fresh evening air (without having to leave your humble abode).


    Promising review: "I purchased these for my patio two summers ago and I love them. I put them up in the spring and take them down when it gets too chilly to sit outside. I can’t say how they hold up in the cold temperatures of winter. But what I can say is that I love these, they are small enough that they don’t hang down too far and they give off a nice relaxing glow that's not too bright." —Amazon Customer

    Get them from Amazon for $15.98+ (available in three lengths and three colors).

    7. A blob-shaped mirror you'll swiftly want to cart for a quick spring decor makeover. And this reflective work of art won't make a dent in your wages, but the benefits you'll reap from having a new piece liven up your bedroom... HGTV who?


    Promising review: "Love this mirror! I added it to my shelf with a cute cactus next to it and a candle. Gives an interesting look to my room!" —Hector Parra

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    8. A cutesy cotton swab container in the shape of an adorable lil' lotus. Now your cosmetic essentials can sit organized in a seasonally appropriate accessory instead of a boring ol' box shoved in your medicine cabinet.

    four pots with lily flowers on top and an opening for cotton swabs

    Promising review: "This is cute, adorable, awesome, and useful! I use it daily, keep it out on the counter by my sink, and I enjoy it as much now as on the day I got it. It's useful as well as aesthetic. It's innovative and clever, and it makes an awesome gift. I gave one to a friend, and she likes it as much as I do. Remember this as the holidays arrive." —Wise Mind

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99+ (available in four colors).

    9. A two-piece tortoise hair clip set for anyone who, as soon as the temps start to rise, wishes their hair to be up and off their face and neck. This chic design has a bunch of reviewers heart-eyed, and those with thick hair are saying "no problem!" when it comes to its ability to securely keep their tresses in place.,

    Promising review: "My favorite and my go to hair clip!!! Its a clip that finally holds all of my hair in place the entire day. I wear it to work out in as well as an accessory for my every wear. Love these!! I would buy more just to have around. I’m very particular on the quality of the clips. This is so strong I know that they will last for years to come. Best ever!!" —Hoopes

    Get the two-pack from Amazon for $11.85.

    10. A bug bite suction tool if the only thing that gets you down around this time of year are nasty, bloodsucking 'quitos. In fact, I just had lunch outside only to find one nibbling my ankle so yeah you bet I'm gonna arm myself with this sucker that drains out the irritant and stops swelling and itching in. its. tracks.

    reviewer before and after images; in the before image a big mosquito bite bulges from the skin and in the after image, the bite is gone

    Promising review: "I am a magnet for bites of all kinds and carry topical and medicines with me at all times, so I figured this would be a good product to see if it really works. It arrived Monday and Tuesday morning I woke up with a bug bite on my arm, so I used this little tool (three times per the instructions) and immediately after use, it stopped itching! And less than 24 hours later the bite gone! There is a very faint red mark from using the thing but a small price to pay IMO. Bottom line: it’s awesome. I’m carrying it with me everywhere!" —Rebecca

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95 (available in two colors).

    11. Black Girl Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 30 to protect your skin now that you're venturing out and enjoying that vitamin D. What's even more fab about this stuff is that it provides moisture and shields skin sans any annoying white residue.

    Hands applying some of the sunscreen from the tube

    Black Girl Sunscreen is a Black woman-owned business that was started in Miami in 2016. The brand's products are cruelty-free and formulated without parabens or other harmful chemicals to shield and moisturize skin.

    Promising review: "I know as women of color we worry about that ashy/white cast type of look when we put on sunscreen or looking oily, but this sunscreen doesn’t cause either one of those things to happen. It blends into the skin very well immediately, it doesn’t have that sterling sunscreen smell and a little goes a very long way. I highly recommend!" —Kayla

    Get it from Target for $15.99 or Black Girl Sunscreen for $18.99.

    12. Bike shorts here to save you from having a full-on Marilyn Monroe mo' in your springtime dresses. Plus, reviewers mention that they're a great underlayer to defeat any chafing from interrupting your day out in the sun.,

    Promising review: "I am so glad I found these. I was looking for something to wear under shorter dresses but that wasn’t super tight, because if I’m wearing a dress it means I don’t want a tight waistband. These are pretty comfy and just feel like yoga/lounge pants. It is true they are not fitting at the bottom hem, but fairly close. If you want the tight, control-top feeling, then size down. But if you want a comfortable loungewear feel, go with your correct size. I’m glad I bought them, and they are perfect for lounging around the house or sleeping in as well." —S. Vanhoose

    Get it from Amazon for $7.19+ (available in sizes S–XXL and two colors).

    13. A set of gold collagen masks if carrying less [undereye] baggage into the new season has been on your list of to-do's. These little miracle workers are fab if you're experiencing some puffiness thanks to Ms. Pollen — pat 'em on for some cooling and hydrating relief (it's just a bonus that they brighten, too!).

    Jasmin Sandal/BuzzFeed,

    I decided to put these golden gems to the test after coming off of a red-eye flight with practically no sleep. After cooling them off in the fridge (which is what was suggested on the packet), I applied them to my purpley, puffy eyes, and...w-o-w. Not only did I feel like I was receiving some kind of royal treatment (because, gold), but after 20 minutes, my undereyes appeared brighter and any fine lines that were once lingering had vanished! After wearing these I didn't feel compelled to apply concealer either, which is usually my go-to to disguise dark circles — and I even felt confident enough to go bare-faced for the rest of the day. Now, I find that I integrate these into my routine anytime I want to de-puff and re-fresh.

    Promising review: "I was searching for some really good treatments for my under eye puffiness and I liked the reviews and ingredient lists for this product.. I have used one set a week for three weeks and have noticed a lot less puffy/dark areas under my eyes. I use them at room temperature and chilled and find that I enjoy them chilled a lot better. They were also very budget friendly, I've seen other brands charging a lot more without have as many good reviews. Im looking forward to more improvements as I use the rest of the product." —Kai Charles

    Get it from Amazon for $19.97.

    14. A bottle of the infamous Bar Keepers Friend to revive every scratched-up surface that makes you deeply sigh anytime you catch a glimpse of it. This stuff gets to work on rust, burnt grease, and even Sharpie marks, so this once daunting spring cleaning task can be over in mere minutes.

    Reviewer before and after using the solution on a scuffed up sink

    This stuff can be used in the bathroom, the kitchen, and on multiple things outdoors, so consider it the master of removing stains and grime.

    Promising review: "We recently moved into a new-to-us home. I’ve tried and tried to get water spots off from an old, yucky-looking bathroom faucet. I just about gave up until I decided to try just one more product. I’m so glad I did!" —Allyson

    Get it from Amazon for $10.99 (available in larger quantities).

    15. A racerfront tank that reviewers are commending for its fit and seasonal versatility, because a basic that looks *this* good deserves to be in the springtime rotation, like, yesterday.


    Promising review: "I really love the fit of these tanks on me. They are a super soft thick but breathable material. I have ordered multiple colors at this point and have paired them in so many different ways. I love to wear them with long skirts for a more dressed up look. They look great with shorts in the warm weather. I get hot very easily and although the material is warmer i was super comfortable! These will be great for winter time in New England as well because the fabric is thicker and comfortable! These tanks are a good length and go great tucked in or over your bottoms." —Ashley Bonnett

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99+ (available in sizes XS–XXL and 13 colors).

    16. Some cheeky underwear to breathe new life into your brief drawer. These softies will feel great on your tush since they're made of breathable fibers and have a no-roll elastic band, which'll keep 'em in place while you're off frolicking in the springtime sun.


    Promising review: "I always buy this type of undies from them and LOVE them! They fit perfectly and they feel fantastic! Also these undies don’t fade or shrink. They are long lasting and I always enjoy wearing them!" —Customer

    Get them from MeUndies for $18 ($14 for MeUndies members; available in sizes XS–4XL and 53 colors and prints).

    17. A waterfall hanger solution that affords you the ability to make some new springtime purchases, since you can store just as many outfits in your closet — but now with a bucketload of more rod space. This + you = 🤯.

    Just look at all that new usable space!

    Promising review: "Not sure why I didn’t expect them to work as well as it sounds... but they absolutely work as well as they sound! Makes MUCH more room in my closet. I used for purses, jackets, tank tops, dresses and has been holding very well. When I need something, just push the others aside and raise up the one I need. Very pleased with my purchase!" —Dennis A. Evans

    Get a four-pack on Amazon for $8.99+ (available in five quantities).

    18. Vinyl nail wraps so you can finally say arrivederci to smudged manis from now til the end of time. Plus, these have a built-in pattern so you can stop pretending that you're going to learn how to do spring-themed nail art during quarantine. (You're welcome.)

    Model with white line patterned nail wraps
    SoGloss / Etsy

    So Gloss is a one-woman operated Etsy business based in Buffalo, NY.

    Promising review: "So CUTE and easy to apply! PLUS no damage to the nails (which is my fav part) Thank you SoGloss! ill deff be ordering more soon." —Sabrina

    Get it from SoGloss on Etsy for $9.

    19. A fluffy floral handbag to hit the refresh button on your drab-looking tote. This cutesy accessory is a total steal and is the perfect way to lighten up the look of any and every outfit.

    buzzfeed writer holding a white fuzzy purse printed with black flowers
    Allison Faccenda / BuzzFeed

    “I am obsessed with this plush shoulder bag. I’ve seen a ton of these being sold at stores (i.e. Urban Outfitters) but can’t justify the steep price tag. When I saw this one on Amazon I had to have it. It looks so cute with a ton of my outfits since I wear mostly neutrals and actually fits a ton of things. I can fit my disposable camera, two wallets, hand sanitizer, mask, with room to spare. If you want a fun pop of pattern to add to your outfits then snag one of these bags. I got a ton of compliments on it and for under $15? How can you go wrong?” —Allison Faccenda

    Promising review: "This bag is really good quality especially for the price and goes well with a lot of fits. It’s high capacity and I always get compliments." —Alani

    Get it from Amazon for $13.99 (available in 27 patterns).

    20. A portable hammock which you can either pitch up in your backyard or take with you to the park. Because I'm not sure if there's anything better than spending a spring day swaying beneath the trees and reading a New York Times bestseller?,

    Includes two high-strength carabiners and ropes with unique strap design that have a breaking strength of 1,000 lbs!

    Promising review: "Love this hammock! I keep it in my car spring through fall because it is so compact and lightweight. I have pulled it out multiple times on impromptu stops at the park or beach. The size fits me and my two kids and we still have no tips or tears after almost two years. Great product!!" —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (and available in 12 colors).

    21. Leakproof reusable Stasher bags because it's finally picnic season, baby! And these containers provide you with an eco-conscious way to store snacks, veggies... you can even marinate meats and keep treats fresh in the freezer.

     vegetables in Stasher bags in the fridge / Via @stasherbag

    Plus, you can sous vide with these and they're dishwasher and microwave-safe!

    Promising review: "Start with one or two (sandwich size is a good starter) and build your stash as you get rid of the ziplock bags in your drawers. We've been using all sizes of Stasher bags for nearly a year — mostly food related — and have not had any issues with a single one. We use them to keep crackers/chips/bread from getting stale after opened, to keep leftovers in the fridge or freezer, pack sandwiches/meds/dog food or treats + so many more things. They don't leak, they don't smell, are easy to close and open, and don't take up much room compared to traditional tupperware or other food storage." —Maison Leach

    Get it from Amazon for $9.59+ (available in five variations and 14 colors).

    22. A chic pair of sunnies that declare "as soon as you see a glimmer of sunshine, you're going to want wear me." These beauts have a bigger fashionable frame that looks amazing on virtually every face shape, and they come in a bunch of cute colors — so you're guaranteed to find something to match your every mood.,

    Promising review: "These shades have become my new favorites! I love that I can put them on top of my head without my hair getting caught in them. They're a plastic frame but it's not flimsy or cheaply made and they look really stylish. They can be worn with sporty or dress clothes as well. They blow out the sun but I am still able to see well, so I love them when I'm driving. They come with a soft cloth for cleaning and a carrying bag to prevent scratches. They fit well without sliding off if I bend over and they don't feel heavy on the bridge of my nose. I have to say that they look better in person than in the photo and I'm really happy with my purchase." –LadyTsotsos_Beauty

    Get them from Amazon for $14.95 (available in nine colors).

    23. A tin of sweet, spring-themed cocktail sugar to grace the rims of your at-home concoctions. Zoom happy hours just got a little bit more bearable, whoops, I mean, delightful!

    Emma Lord/BuzzFeed

    BuzzFeed Writer Emma Lord has been putting hers to good use: "I recently started putting this on my end-of-the-week whiskey drink (quarantine has made me go full Mad Men, who knew!!) and it is SO darn satisfying. I tried the citrus petals version, and it's got a light lemon, faint floral, and vaguely minty taste with its sweetness that just makes the whole experience a delight and a half. The container it comes in is actually quite wide, so what we did was pour lemon juice on the top half to prep the rim, and a bit of sugar in the bottom half to coat it. In other news, I am officially too fancy to exist."

    Promising review: "Since COVID-19 I have become my own bartender. Taco Tuesdays and margaritas! The lime comes through so well with this salt. I use it for Bloody Marys as well. It is thick and chunky so its a learning curve to get the right amount of salt on. Don't press down too hard if you don't like a lot of salt. I do like extra salt but my husband said it was a little much for him, so I have mastered just a light salt for him." —cobrajet427

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99 (available in nine flavors).

    24. Revolution Beauty Super Dewy Tinted Moisturizer that provides a breathable form of coverage and hydration — perfect for when you want to even out your skin tone without feeling like you're wearing a ton of makeup. Lighter layers now that it's spring? Yep, that can be applied to your skin, too.

    Jasmin holding the tube of tinted moisturizer in shade Medium
    Jasmin Sandal/BuzzFeed

    If you're anything like me and simply canNOT with makeup these days... or, if you're also like me and LOVE any and every beauty product — but are welcoming the chance to give your skin a break from lathering on multiple products, like concealers, bronzers, and such, you're going to want to lend an ear. As someone who has tried a few tinted moisturizers/CC creams over the years, I have to say this budget-friendly option from Revolution Beauty has me sitting up straight. Because in mere seconds, this tube of goodness has allowed me to blur blemishes, achieve a smooth, evened-out complexion, and with its lightweight, buildable formula it doesn't leave a tacky residue either. And here’s the real kicker, I, a rather animated person, have even noticed that it doesn’t seep into my laughter line creases. That’s crease-free coverage, people! Oh, and it also contains glycerin so you know you’re going to experience a powerhouse of hydration in the form of a nice, dewy glow.

    Get it from Revolution Beauty for $12 (available in 12 shades, find them all here).

    25. A migraine relief stick to help lessen the headaches that can come with seasonal allergies. This essential oil roll-on provides a cooling, clarifying sensation with peppermint, spearmint, and lavender oils, and can be applied to anywhere that you hold tension.

    Katy Herman/BuzzFeed

    This migraine stick is super easy to use! Just roll it on the back of your neck, forehead, and temples for some relief from the most annoying head pain. Check out our full review of Migrastil Migraine Stick here.

    Promising review: "I have noticed throughout my work day I will begin to get the dreaded afternoon headache. This migraine stick is my new go-to. The second I feel a headache coming on, I just roll this on and within seconds I feel it working. Within a minute or so I feel fine again. I noticed it gives a little boost of energy as well. I have also used it when I feel a full blown migraine coming on. All I can say is it really works. In addition to taking the pain away, it also provides a tingly sensation. Wherever you roll it on tingles after application. I am now a customer for life and love this product. I have also noticed that even if I use it often, it keeps working. You don’t grow a tolerance to it." —Corinne Beck

    Get it from Amazon for $11.99.

    26. A magical pot of jewelry cleaning solution that's equipped with a cleaning basket and brush(!) which will literally transform your tarnished accessories and give them a spring clean sparkle once again.

    Reviewer image of before and after shot of tarnished gold earrings and cleaned up gold earrings

    Promising review: "This was super simple to use and really made a difference in diamond earrings I have. I didn't want to take them in to get cleaned, and I hadn't cleaned them before, so I decided to try to do it myself before paying someone else to do it for me. I'm glad I got this instead of going to someone because it worked great! It cleaned my 'dusty' earrings and made them look brand-new to where they sparkle again. I'm very happy with the results, especially because it was so easy to use. I also like how it comes with a tray that you can pull out easily and a brush to use to help clean off your jewelry. This was an awesome, and cheap, solution to my problem." —Cammy

    Get it from Amazon for $7.95.

    27. An affordably attractive razor to do one of your least favorite tasks. If you haven't touched your legs all winter long and are now choosing to remove pesky stubble, this bathroom beauty provides five blades cushioned within skin guards to make irritation a problem we're tossing out with our blunt shavers.

    Athena Club

    This comes with a magnetic holder for easy storage — and, I can attest, provides a close, clean shave. This only-looks-fancy razor feels a lot weightier than other razors I have used, which means I don't have to press down as hard to remove hair. Working smarter not harder to do one of my least favorite tasks? I'll take it. Plus, I didn't experience any irritation post-shave!

    Promising review: "Just buy it! This is the best razor I have ever used. I have very sensitive skin. Razors are usually agitating to my skin during use with added sensitivity after shaving. This was the closest most comfortable shave. I have not had any agitation or discomforts. My skin feels amazing. There is also the added benefit of how nice the razor looks." —Taryn S.

    Get it from Athena Club for $9 (available in six colors).

    28. A hard water stain-remover if you're planning a springtime move, this stuff does all the hard work for you. Think: toilets, showerheads, and tiles clear and shiny enough so you can get that security deposit back, no questions asked.

    Reviewer image of stained shower door vs clean shower door

    It even has a minty scent, so you don't have to worry about that harsh chemical smell most cleaning products usually emit.

    Promising review: "I have tried for weeks to get rid of some very tough hard water stains on my glass shower panel. They had been there for three years while my apartment was rented and never cleaned. I have tried just about everything from toothpaste, to vinegar, to different types of chemical products. Then I found this product...PURE MAGIC!!! The nontoxicity of the product is definitely a plus, it doesn't smell bad and doesn't sting your lungs like some hard chemicals do. Its biodegradability is a plus! I feel better knowing I'm not dumping some more toxic chemicals down the drain. Most importantly, it works!!! After 10 minutes of work it has removed 90% of the hard water stains that simply would not come off in the past!!" —O.R

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    29. Coty Airspun oil-reducing and setting powder to keep 4 p.m. T-zone shine at bay. Just a quick *pat pat* is all you need to ensure your makeup stays in place when the weather reaches sweaty-degrees Fahrenheit.

    Reviewer with flawless makeup and a shine-free look achieved by using the setting powder

    It can also be used as a foundation to even out your skin tone and reduce the appearance of pores and blemishes.

    Promising review: "I absolutely love this powder. I've used more expensive ones in the past, but this one takes the cake. It keeps my makeup on all day, even with my oily skin. I personally don't use the 'baking' method, but even so it keeps my face in place all day, even when I get hot and sweaty. Other reviewers are right, it does have a slight baby powder smell, but it doesn't bother my very much and once you've applied it to your face, the smell disappears. I recommend it to all of my friends!" —Brittany

    Get it from Amazon for $5.97+ (available as a pack of two and in six shades).

    30. A pet water bottle, the compact way to make sure your doggo stays happy and hydrated on your springtime strolls. Just throw this leakproof device, which has a feeder and dispenser for them to drink from, in your bag so that you're prepared for that next hike!

    Reviewer using the bottle with their dog

    Promising review: "My little guy loves this thing. I love how easy it is to use and easy to carry. I have an extra small dog so the small size is more than plenty for him. I love that the unused water can go back in the bottle without spilling everywhere." —Marie Rich

    Get it from Amazon for $18.99 (available in two sizes and two colors).

    31. A perky planter because whoever dreamed up the term "sun's out buns out" was not wrong. These lil' cuties are the perfect homes for your window full of succulents, and the ideal way to show your ~cheeky~ side.

    different colored planters that look like butts
    Chicly Built

    This little Etsy shop is based out Indianapolis, Indiana specializing in home decor items.

    Promising review: "I love this pot!! Such a cute addition, and its functional! The soil drains well, and the pot allows for it to dry in a timely manner. The dimensions were accurate, and the color looks just like the pictures. My succulent has been growing happily for the last two months!" —Kyndall Rollins

    Get it from Chicly Built on Etsy for $16.99+ (available in four sizes).

    32. BestLand Hair Finishing Cream that takes care of unruly flyways that love to make an appearance now that humidity has entered the chat. It looks like a regular ol' tube of mascara, so you'll remember to keep it with your other on-the-go touchup essentials.

    Reviewer before with unruly hair and after with smoothed down hair

    Made from natural plant extracts, the serum won't leave your hair greasy.

    Promising review: "No matter what I do or what expensive and high rated product I try, my flyaways are an annoying constant. This product has completely rid me of my daily top of head flyaway frizz! I wish I would have discovered this product years ago! It smooths my hair out and truly lasts all day. Be careful, as a tiny bit goes a long way!" —RHoffsommer

    Get it from Amazon for $7.98.

    33. And 24-Hour Edge Tamer to lay your hairline without any leftover residue. It works on several textures like Brazilian, virgin, or natural hair — plus it's made with hair-loving ingredients like argan oil which retains your texture's natural moisture.,

    Psst! You don't HAVE to lay your edges because your hair is gorgeous either way but if you ever want to, this is designed to make sure you do so in a gentle, damage-free fashion.

    Promising Review: "Hands-down the best edge control I have ever used and I have used a lot of them. Stayed all day. No flakes and nongreasy. And this one is not even the strongest on the line." —Seabea2013

    Get it from Amazon from $7.50 (available in two sizes).

    34. Nonslip massaging slides with lil' comfort bulges that work wonders for your foot's pressure points — and are a great alternative to your sweaty slippers so you can finally let your toes breathe again.


    Promising review: "No rubbing, no chafing, very comfortable. The massage dots are pretty gentle, not as forceful as other massage slides. These don't pinch at all, so far, and my foot doesn't shift around when walking. I would definitely buy again, and my husband liked how they looked and bought a pair himself." —S.K. Wissinger

    Get them from Amazon for $9.99+ (available in sizes 6-10 and four colors).

    35. A foot file to reverse crusty feet epidermis back to their OG baby-soft state. If you want to let your hooves see the light of day now that it's officially sandal season, this miracle-worker will gift you with brand-new feet that you'll be proud to parade around.

    Promising review: "AMAZING!!! Seriously beyond impressed with this product. I've never had dry or cracked heels until recently and I've tried everything I could find to get rid of them! This is all you need!!! I literally opened the box and did this in less than a minute! I'll never use anything else! Even better than professional pedicures!!!" —Kyla Jackson

    Get it from Amazon for $8.95.

    36. A grout pen if your tiles have become so unsightly you've forgotten what color the lines are that's separating them. (Spoiler: they're white!) This solution revitalizes floors in your bathroom, backsplashes in the kitchen, or literally wherever tiles live in your home.

    Before shot of tiles with brown grout vs after shot white grout

    Promising review: "I just bought my first house and because of COVID I have not had the funds I wanted to fix it up. This was cheap and the backsplash in my new kitchen was an eyesore. I wasn't expecting much because of the price and I am absolutely stunned. My kitchen looks so much better! It was easy to use, no odor, and quick! I did two coats because the color was dark brown. Some places I did more but I didn't mind doing it because it was actually really satisfying. Definitely recommend this product!" —Kim

    Get it from Amazon for $8.99.

    37. A reusable exfoliating Japanese towel to defeat the appearance of backne's past. Use this to scrub dead skin off your entire bod for touchably softer arms, legs, backs, and bums this spring. (And reviewers with skin concerns like eczema and acne swear by it!)

    You can use this daily or weekly depending on how you feel about its abrasiveness.

    Promising review: "This is a holy grail to my sensitive skin and germaphobic personality! It does take time to get used to due to its rough feel, but once you start to use it daily, it's hard to use anything else! Nothing else gives me such a clean feeling on my skin during my showers. I use to have very bad skin conditions all over my body: eczema, body acne, dry patches, and dark spots. This helped clear basically everything, and now I'm more confident in showing my skin in public than I have ever been. It soaks up very nicely, and you can feel all of the dirt that's on your skin from day-to-day activities getting scrubbed off. The long length is great for reaching in hard to reach spots, such as your back. Since it's extremely rough, I would advise against using it on your face." —Jay G.

    Get a three-pack from Amazon for $11.79+ (available in five colors).

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