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23 Really Weird Things Cats Actually Do

"After she eats she runs to me, looks me in the eye, and burps in my face."

We asked the BuzzFeed Community what incredibly weird things their cats do, and these are some of the best, strangest responses.

1. The furniture cleaner.

Submitted by cozycz.

2. The budding real-estate agent.

"My cat likes to take me on guided tours of my apartment. He will stop in front of doors, windows, cabinets, and pretty much everything else to comment on them. If I don't follow him, he'll meow until I catch up with the 'tour.'"

Submitted by Ariana Ehuan, Facebook.

3. The hard-to-read cat.

"My cat Miranda will suddenly fixate on a toy – usually a toy she's had for years – and start carrying it around in her mouth while crying. After she does this for a few days, she'll throw the toy in the toilet. "

Submitted by Ashley Koebel, Facebook.

4. The sneaky burglar.

"Instead of live/dead prey, she brings me people's dish sponges. She actually goes into people's kitchens and steals their sponges."

Submitted by Jodi Fraser, Facebook.

5. The very intense cat.

"She guides me to her litter box and then looks me in the eye, but only for number twos."

Submitted by janninegammondm

6. The feline who just loves to flaunt.

7. The civilised cat.

"My cat Leo eats his food one kibble at a time by taking it out of the bowl with his paw and putting it on the mat/floor."

Submitted by mollyh42e32691e

8. The anti-social feline.

"My cat likes to go outside, sit in plant pots, and face the wall."

Submitted by aaronl42da530f6

9. The cat with an ~interesting~ way of showing affection.

"My cat Mildred holds my toe whilst I'm sat on the toilet and stares at me the whole time."

Submitted by thebeastwithin15

10. And this cat, whose tastes were very particular.

"My cat Poe went through a stage of sticking her face in between toes and sniffing the hell out of them. When she finished sniffing, she'd pull away with huge eyes and an open mouth."

Submitted by gemmal44b00a53c

11. The Spider-Cat.

Submitted by imarecker.

12. The merciful huntress.

"The strangest thing she does is gifting me with presents of live worms. She never plays with them or kills them – if she finds one, she very gently picks it up in her mouth and brings it into the house and just basically watches it do its thing."

Submitted by Debby Murphy-Stevens, Facebook.

13. The hair-chewer.

"When a person just gets out of the shower, he likes to chew on their hair."

Submitted by Mackenzie Witherspoon, Facebook.

14. And the tongue-chewer.

"My cat chews his tongue like gum. It sounds like sandpaper. The freaky thing is that he looks you straight in the eye whilst he does it."

Submitted by robt4c5e5c277

15. The cat who clearly gives no fucks.

"My sister's cat has knocked over glass jars and (full) wine bottles only to roll in the broken glass, but he only ever does it around me. Because he definitely hates me."

Submitted by jfo3176.

16. The meerkat cat.

Submitted by beckis2.

17. The cat who's found an interesting way to pass the time.

"He likes aggressively purring while he sucks his own nipples, to the point that no hair will grow there."

Submitted by Katherine Flaherty, Facebook.

18. The cat who's just disgusted by bugs.

"Whenever my cat Pearl encounters a bug she will stand over it, gag at it, and then continue to stand over it and watch it. She never tries to catch a bug. She just gags at them."

Submitted by hackmanlilly.

19. The eyelash-sucker.

"My cat Charlotte likes to suck on my eyelashes. She doesn't pull them hard or anything, it's just very, very weird."

Submitted by Natália Di Renzo, Facebook.

20. The olive-lover.

"I had a cat that was obsessed with olives. He would meow loud and rub himself raw against an olive."

Submitted by lulinl.

21. The model.

22. The sock thief.

"My cat sneaks into bedrooms and grabs pairs of socks. She carries them around in her mouth while crying and won't stop until someone gets up to see which socks she's gotten."

Submitted by YsoBel Beareny, Facebook.

23. And the cat who's downright rude.

"After she eats she runs to me, looks me in the eye, and burps in my face."

Submitted by Liberty Schauf, Facebook.

Responses have been edited for clarity.

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