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19 Childhood-Ruining Tumblr Posts About Disney That You'll Never Be Able To Unsee

"Goofy…has had sex."

1. This really good point about Ariel.

2. This murderous Belle.

3. This observation about a seemingly innocent-looking cake.

4. This truth about the message of High School Musical.

5. This unfortunately timed photo.

6. This unnerving fact about Goofy.

7. This poorly placed Mickey jumper.

8. This expectation vs. reality.

9. These slightly unsettling face-swaps.

10. This change that hurts more than it should.

11. This difference that you probably didn't spot at the time.

12. These haunting Disney on Ice costumes.

13. This ~interesting~ concept.

14. This little observation from Aladdin that you can't unsee.

15. This realisation about all those Disney Channel outfits you loved.

16. This detail from Finding Nemo.

17. This pitch for a Pixar movie.

18. This plot hole that will keep bothering you.

19. And finally, this suggestion.