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    Posted on May 8, 2017

    18 Times Primark Went Way Too Fucking Far

    Tights don't need Minions on them.

    1. When they thought of this kind of disturbing knicker idea.

    2. When they made Elsa from Frozen a bit 3D, and this was the result.

    3. When this was the Harry Potter quote they chose.

    out of the 7 books and 8 movies primark chooses this quote

    4. When they coined a new, creepy word with this underwear.

    5. When they selected this creature to put on a thong.

    6. When they had socks, but like, socks with ~swag~.

    7. When they mashed up Portugal, football and Batman

    8. When their labels made no damn sense.

    9. And when they thought we want to cover our butts and genitals with many tiny cartoons of Shrek.

    10. When they took a pair of trainers and added these words.

    11. When they imagined what The Little Mermaid characters would be like on social media.

    12. When they made a poor choice of placement for this fluffy unicorn.

    13. And when they looked at some plain black shoes and thought "do you know what these need? To be hairy."

    14. When they took the idea of printed leggings pretty damn far.

    15. When they made this rhyme.

    16. When this mannequin accident looked ~dramatic~.

    17. When they couldn't leave tights alone.

    18. And when they didn't consider how this bath mat looks upside down.

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