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    19 Things British People Do At Christmas That'll Confuse The Hell Out Of Americans

    We literally set fire to the dessert.

    1. Our obsession with eating mince pies that don't contain mince in the traditional sense.

    2. Buying chocolate variety boxes even if we only like one of the chocolates from them.

    3. Literally setting a dessert on fire so that everyone can go "oooh!"

    4. Attending Christmas lights being switched on by random and sometimes questionable celebs.

    5. And going to watch pantomimes that feature an even more eclectic mix of celebrities.

    6. Pulling Christmas crackers that contain the most useless of gifts.

    Ah, the perfect Christmas cracker gift: someone else’s newborn child in a small silver photo frame

    Flickr: alkalinezoo

    7. And how we read out the cheesy jokes from the cracker afterwards.

    8. Only to then spend the rest of the meal wearing a tiny paper crown.

    9. Drinking Buck's fizz (mimosas to Americans) on Christmas morning.

    10. Looking forward to the Christmas advert of a department store, and judging it by how much it made us cry.

    11. Tuning into a soap even if you never follow it, just to find out who's going to get murdered / what tragic accident will happen / what affair will be revealed.

    12. Being over the moon that we can finally have pigs in blankets even though we could actually eat them at any time.

    13. Enjoying the essence of Christmas stuffed between two slices of bread in the form of a Christmas sandwich.

    14. Having the day off on Boxing Day to eat leftovers and watch movies on TV.

    15. And turning our Christmas leftovers into a food called bubble and squeak.

    16. Going through a store's catalogue as a child and circling what you want for Christmas.

    17. Christmas bleach. Seriously…Christmas bleach.

    18. Suddenly becoming weirdly pro-Royal Family when the annual Christmas speech from the Queen comes on TV.

    19. Accepting that public Christmas trees need protective barriers to protect them from drunk people.

    It's a magical winter wonderland at Euston Station.