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    22 Things To Give Your BFF To Show Them They're The One For You

    Mean Girls wine glasses? Don't mind if i do.

    1. These sassy, but also very plush, stickers.

    2. This delightful AF cross-stitch.

    3. Or this important reminder.

    4. These fabulously punny necklaces, because your friendship is downright magical.

    5. This straight-up declaration of love.

    6. This, because you'd be Clueless without your BFF.

    7. This very, very blunt keyring.

    8. These adorable t-shirts, that you can wear on nights in together.

    9. These rings, if you and your BFF are avid gamers.

    10. Or these, if that's more up your nerdy street.

    Now you and you and BFF can be each other's Guardians of the Galaxy. Get them here.

    11. This jewellery that perfectly merges your two loves: pizza and your best friend.

    12. Or there's this deliciously realistic option.

    13. These Mean Girls inspired bracelets.

    14. This pair of necklaces are ideal if they're the Ron Weasley to your Harry Potter.

    15. These keyrings that are a subtle nod to your friendship status.

    16. This bracelet with a very important message emblazoned on it.

    17. These charming little guys, because you two go together so damn well.

    18. Or these marzipan lollipops, if milk and cookies aren't your thing.

    19. These phone cases that let people know you're part of a very exclusive pair.

    20. This keyring that depicts possibly one of the best fictional female friendships, ever.

    21. These mugs for when you're sipping, and spilling, the tea.

    Get them here, and check out more BFF mugs here.

    22. And finally, this wine glass for when tea isn't strong enough.

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