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    16 Deleted Scenes From Movies That Would Have Changed How You See Them

    Do you think they should have been included?

    1. Miranda THANKING Andy in The Devil Wears Prada, which just seems super out of character.

    Fox 2000 Pictures / Via

    You can watch the scene here.

    2. Aunt Petunia talking to Harry about losing her sister in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1.

    Warner Brothers / Via

    Watch it here.

    3. And Dudley seeming almost kind to Harry in the same film before they leave without him.

    Warner Brothers / Via

    Honestly, these should have been included in the movie! You can watch the scene here.

    4. It had a flashback from the 1600s before Pennywise was a clown, and in the incredibly disturbing scene he eats a baby.

    Warner Bros. Pictures

    While knowing more about Pennywise and where he comes from would have been interesting, the scene sounds gruesome even for It.

    5. There's a super creepy Lion King scene in which Scar makes advances on Nala.

    Walt Disney

    He sings to her about needing a mate and when she slaps him he responds "Oh, Nala, Nala, Nala. You know, you really have no choice. I always get what I want." Gross. He then proclaims that she can either be his queen, or be banished from Pride Lands.

    6. In Black Panther there was more exploration into the conflicts of Okoye and W'Kabi's relationship, and confirmation that they are in fact married.

    Marvel Studios / Via

    The heated exchange shows them arguing their opposing views as W'Kabi sides with Killmonger. Watch it here.

    7. There was going to be a "taming party" scene in Zootopia , showing cubs being forced to wear shock collars:

    Walt Disney / Via

    There's a lot of social commentary in the movie surrounding oppression and prejudices, but this scene in particular which shows Morris receiving the collar from his dad Koslov (who hesitates to put it on him) is especially sad. You can watch it here.

    8. Regina and Cady had a scene in Mean Girls where they talk prior to homecoming queen being announced, and it makes Regina seem kind of nice?

    Paramount / Via

    In it, Regina mentioned how she once threw her doll house down the stairs and broke it as a kid because she didn't want anyone else to have it. This seems like it links pretty well to the scene moments later where Cady snaps her crown and passes it around to everyone.

    9. In Suicide Squad, The Joker was going to make a deal with Enchantress to take Harley Quinn to Gotham, weakening the squad and helping Enchantress defeat them.

    Warner Brothers

    10. This super emotional deleted scene from Titanic which shows Rose being brought onto the Carpathia and what follows.

    Paramount Pictures / 20th Century Fox / Via

    We see Rose's mother looking for her, find out and Cal's adopted daughter is okay, and witness the survivors being visibly furious at J. Bruce Ismay. This scene is very emotional and definitely deserved to be in the film. You can watch it here.

    11. In The Force Awakens, there was added context to Finn's decision to defect from the First Order, as we would have seen him struggle with the conflict of whether to shoot a villager, before letting her get away.

    Walt Disney / Lucasfilm

    Finn's decision in the film is clearly linked to the death of his friend Jakku, but even then it seemed a bit abrupt. This scene definitely provides more context. You can watch it here.

    12. Elsa was going to trap and torture soldiers of Arrendale to get information about Anna.

    Walt Disney Studios

    This definitely would have made Elsa seem more of a villain. You can watch it here.

    13. This deleted scene from The Notebook goes more into Allie's Alzhiemer's diagnosis and provides some information that makes the ending less surprising than it otherwise would be.

    New Line Cinema / Via

    You can watch it here.

    14. In Get Out, Rose was going to say that she's also been hypnotised by her mother.

    Universal Pictures

    Of course whether Rose would have been telling the truth or not is another thing altogether! You can watch it here.

    15. Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them had a scene where Credence survives his supposed death and gets on a boat.

    Warner Brothers

    IMO ending the film on a death that certainly seemed final was a better call.

    16. I Am Legend ended with a scene explaining how humans were terrifying to the monsters, and how they were trying to rescue one of their own.

    Warner Bros. Pictures / Roadshow Entertainment / Via

    This ending is arguably more satisfying, but apparently didn't go down as well with test audiences. You can watch it here.

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