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    19 Pieces Of Advice That Are Actually Helpful For Students In Their Last Year Of Uni

    Because honestly, it'll all be fine.

    We recently asked members of the Buzzfeed Community about what advice every final-year university student should know. Here are some of their responses.

    1. Start applying for jobs months in advance.


    "By the time a job gets back to you it could be months later!"

    Submitted by saraha449d9c28b.

    2. And if you want to do postgrad study, start looking at research groups and universities early.

    "It’s a lot less stressful when it comes to final exams and dissertation hand-ins knowing that you have a plan for when you graduate."

    Submitted by dawnmaed.

    3. Take care of yourself, especially your mental and emotional health.

    "The last year of uni is rough; I know that from personal experience. Carve out some time in your schedule to do just do whatever, including nothing. You can use the time to indulge in your favourite hobby, go to the movies, the beach, etc. Whatever relaxes you and lets you not worry and stress over assignments, projects, exams, and deadlines."

    Submitted by ravenbard.

    4. If your tutors offer time slots to check over your dissertation or give you guidance, use them!


    "Even if it’s for something small or big because every little thing counts. If you’re not sure where your header should be, ask! That’s what they’re there for and my tutor said so many times that he wasn’t being used enough. They really do want to help! Ask if you can record the session using your phone memo taker thing so you don’t forget anything they said. It became my life saver."

    Submitted by kelbel12.

    5. And if your uni has a careers centre, make use of it.

    "If not, talk to all of the professors in your course for advice in finding a job in your desired field."

    Submitted by Becky Martin, Facebook.

    6. Reach out to those people you’ve wanted to get to know better.

    USA Network

    "You never know who could end up being an amazing friend that you’ll keep even after you graduate."

    Submitted by kaylamich.

    7. Don't stretch yourself too thin.

    "Focus on what you really care about and what will help better yourself for post grad life. Go ahead and try something new, just know your limits. Trust me, you want to enjoy your last year of blissful freedom instead of feeling like it was a stress-filled cyclone."

    Submitted by toris46553f768.

    8. It’s OK not to officially know what you’re going to do post-graduation.


    "Sometimes, things just happen when you get out in the real world. Also, don’t be shocked if the career path you thought you loved while in school isn’t one that you end up enjoying."

    Submitted by skipnees.

    9. Enjoy it as much as you can!

    "Your final year is stressful, hard work, frustrating, tiring, and sometimes it’s just downright horrible. But make the most of it, because you’ll never have an experience like it again."

    Submitted by emilyem-lemb.

    10. The effort you apply now (be it for job-hunting, doing well academically, or enriching yourself in other ways) will massively pay off.

    11. Try to stick to a healthy schedule rather than late nights and energy drinks.

    "You’ll do yourself more harm than good, and studying like that is counter-productive! It’s a cliché but don’t let yourself fall into the trap of cramming and rushing an assignment an hour before the deadline."

    Submitted by davidk4c328ca7d.

    12. Even when you're super busy, make time for proper meals.

    13. Celebrate, but pace yourself.

    "Don’t celebrate your victories over big exams and papers by going out and drinking when you are still exhausted from your consecutive all-nighters and running on espresso and adrenaline. Give your body time to recharge before turning up."

    Submitted by s4b59174fc.

    14. Make sure to do some internships.

    The WB

    "When it comes to job searching, the experience of an internship is valuable, marketable, and a way to grow your network."

    Submitted by Blair Reiter, Facebook.

    15. If there is a professor (or two or four) you get along with, have them write letters of recommendation for you.

    "Give them about 3 or 4 months to do it. Also anyone else you got along with professionally (tutors, staff members, employers on or off-campus, etc.) and warn them that they may be hearing from potential employers in the near future."

    Submitted by cameryng.

    16. If you don't get the grade you aimed for, things will still be OK.

    "Chill out, do your best and be proud of yourself for earning those letters."

    Submitted by Ruth Jepson, Facebook.

    17. Find a way to get organised.

    18. Do your homework, get out of bed, and go to class.

    "Even though you feel like you’re already there, and you’re positive that you’ll pass, you can still fail in your last year, and nothing will be more discouraging."

    Submitted by andreaw4cdcfba84.

    19. And remember that you know more than you think, and when you finish you will find something to do.

    Metro Goldwyn Meyer

    "It might not be straight away, and you might get worried because other people on the course might find things straight away, but this is nothing to worry about."

    Submitted by myfiw.

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