50 Genius Halloween Costume Ideas That'll Take You Right Back To The '90s

    From a Tamagotchi to Ms. Frizzle, we've got your '90s look ready for Halloween night.

    We all love an excuse to dress for the decade — whether it's a themed party or just a random Wednesday that you want to bust out the gauchos. Sometimes you might be feeling the roaring '20s, or the swanky '60s, or even the sexy 70s. But does fashion in any era ever compare to the '90s? Bring on the nostalgia!

    Here are some of the most nostalgic '90s costume ideas, from the festive minds of BuzzFeed writers and members of the BuzzFeed Community.

    1. Kimmy Gibbler from Full House:

    2. Selena:

    3. 90s Cereal Killers:

    4. Simba and Rafiki from The Lion King:

    5. TJ and Spinelli from Recess:

    6. Ms. Frizzle:

    Woman in a minidress with sun, moon, and star patches

    7. Cher from Clueless:

    Woman in a checkered dress suit and beret

    8. Or Dionne from Clueless:

    Woman in a headband and short dress with long sleeves

    9. A Beanie Baby cat:

    Woman in a long-sleeved top and tight pants with cat ears

    10. Judy Funnie from Doug:

    Woman posing in heart sunglasses and hat alongside cartoon version

    11. Doug Funnie and Patty Mayonnaise, also from Doug:

    Man in shorts kissing woman in short skirt and top with round patches

    12. Hitmonchan:

    A person wearing boxing gloves and a mask of Pokemon character

    13. CatDog:

    Two women hugging and wearing "Cat" and "Dog" signs

    14. Ace Ventura:

    Jim Carrey as Ace Ventura alongside a woman also in a crouching position and wearing a tutu

    15. Kristy Thomas from The Baby-Sitters Club:

    Smiling woman wearing a "Kristy's Krushers" sweatshirt

    16. Miss Trunchbull from Matilda:

    The original Miss Trunchbull alongside a woman wearing a 1972 Olympics sweatshirt

    17. Lola Bunny from Space Jam:

    Woman wearing a tank top and shorts and a large bunny ear in her hair

    18. Jay and Silent Bob:

    Two people wearing loose trench coats and hats

    19. Mulder and Scully from The X-Files:

    Man and woman in suits

    20. Aunt Viv #1 and Aunt Viv #2:

    Two women in dress suits with their arms folded glowering at each other

    21. Dale Cooper and Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks:

    Man in a suit holding a mug standing next to a woman in a sleeveless dress in a kitchen

    22. Walter and the Dude from The Big Lebowski:

    Man holding a baby standing next to a guy with a beard in a robe and wearing sandals

    23. Carmen Sandiego:

    Person with a brimmed hat covering their eyes

    24. Chuckie from Rugrats:

    Person wearing shorts and a T-shirt

    25. Game of Guess Who?

    Two women wearing shirts with question marks on them

    26. Zenon and Nebula from Zenon:

    Two women in leggings, short skirts, and pigtails next to the original Zenon girls

    27. An Oregon Trail group costume:

    Six people wearing T-shirts with different designs, including "RIP" and "Ford Me"

    28. Or turn the idea into a couples costume...:

    Woman in a wagon costume next to a man on his knees and wearing horns

    29. ~Ford me, baby!~

    Seated woman wearing a "Ford Me" T-shirt next to a woman wearing a hilly T-shirt

    30. Wayne and Garth from Wayne's World:

    Person with glasses and wearing a T-shirt and baseball cap next to a kid with long blonde hair and glasses and wearing a flannel shirt and jeans

    31. Daria and Trent from Daria:

    Woman in a suit jacket and long red hair and arms folded next to a man in a T-shirt

    32. Casey Becker from Scream:

    Woman in platinum wig with "blood" spattered on her sweater and pants

    33. Romy and Michele:

    Two women in short, blue and pink slip dresses

    34. Spinelli, TJ, and Gretchen from Recess:

    A woman in a leather jacket and beanie, a woman holding a ball and wearing a backward baseball cap, and a woman with glasses and pigtails and wearing a short dress

    35. A Tamagotchi:

    A woman wearing a cutout digital pet design that hangs from her neck

    36. The Spice Girls, minus Posh Spice:

    Four women in outfits including an animal-print tank top and miniskirt and a Union Jack dress

    37. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers:

    Three people giving a thumbs-up and wearing different-colored superhero costumes

    38. A literal version of Reading Rainbow:

    A woman wearing a rainbow T-shirt, long gloves, and tights with a short skirt

    39. The Addams family:

    People in Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, and Pugsley costumes

    40. The Sanderson sisters and Billy from Hocus Pocus:

    Four people in the characters' costumes, including wigs and garish makeup

    41. Hilary Banks:

    A woman in a dress suit and hat standing with a dog

    42. The Powerpuff Girls:

    Three women in colorful short dresses and hair bows

    43. Mrs. Doubtfire:

    Robin Williams as the original Mrs Doubtfire holding a duster next to a woman also wearing a cardigan and holding a duster

    44. Squints and Wendy Peffercorn from The Sandlot:

    Man wearing a backward cap, T-shirt, and jeans hugging a woman in a "Lifeguard" bathing suit

    45. Vincent and Mia from Pulp Fiction:

    Man in a suit and a woman in a blouse and pants dancing

    46. This adorable — and original — Hedwig and Harry:

    A woman in an owl costume standing on a cooler next to a kneeling guy in a sweater and glasses

    47. This impressively accurate Princess Mononoke:

    A person with a face mask and wearing a long, furry cape

    48. TLC:

    Three women wearing shiny, colorful jogging suits or pajamas

    49. This Edward Scissorhands whose fingers are slightly less hazardous:

    Person wearing black outfit with black tousled hair and blunt "scissors" as hands

    50. Pluto — the planet of the '90s:

    Person wearing a "Rejected" sign on a cutout planet costume and shrugging their shoulders

    This article contains content from Jasmine Nahar, Rachel Wilkerson Miller, Alanna Okun, and Ellie Bate. It was compiled by Kelly Rissman.