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Quizzes To Take Instead Of Doing The Dishes For The Third Time Today

We protec, we attac, but most importantly, we provide endless quizzes.

1. Let's See How Your Popular Movie Casting Opinions Stack Up Against Everyone Else's

2. Let's Decide Once And For All Whether These 2000s Trends Are Worth Reviving

Rihanna and Teairra Mari with the words "low-rise jeans: hot; navel piercings: not

3. If You Can Get 100% On This Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz, You're Officially An Amazing Human/Genius

Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters with the words "What's her last name?" and "who's this?"

4. I Want To Know Who YOU Think The Jerk Is In These 10 Situations

5. I Wanna Know How Many Of You Were Actually Surprised By These 13 Celebrity Divorces

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

6. You Have An Astoundingly High IQ If You Can Correctly Answer All Of These Logic Questions

A confused Charlie from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

7. I Really Don't Think You Can Spend Over $50 At The Mall Food Court — Can You Prove Me Wrong?

Pizza, cinnabon, and slushie from auntie annes

8. I Pinky Promise You That I Can Guess What Generation You’re In Based On The Famous Actors You Choose

Amandla Stenberg and Zac Efron

9. Choose A Prom Look For Each Disney Princess And We'll Accurately Guess Your Age

Tiana and a yellow ballgown

10. Here Are 19 Fictional TV Couples — Do You Think They've Broken Up Or Are Still Together?

Cici and Schmidt with the words "Def still together" and April and Andy with an X

11. Fill Your Apartment With Houseplants And We’ll Reveal A Deep Truth The Universe Needs You To Hear

The judge on "The Good Place" and a plant with the words "It's okay to move on from things that aren't meant for you."

12. In My Opinion, These 24 TV Shows Are Absolutely Iconic — How Many Of Them Have You Seen?

Matthew Grey Gubler as Spencer Reid on "Criminal Minds"

13. We Know What Generation You Are Based On How Many Of These Iconic Sitcoms You’ve Seen

"Malcolm in the Middle" and "Golden Girls"

14. You've Obviously Destined To Get Engaged During A Certain Month Of The Year — Design An All-Pink Wedding To Find Out Which One

Pink dress and pink floral veil

15. I'm Not Sure What Genre These Musicians Are, So I Wanna Know What You Think

Justin Bieber with the words "hip hop" and Taylor Swift with the word "country"

16. This Landmark Quiz Is So Hard, 38% Of People Quit Half-Way

Two iconic landmarks with "Louvre" and "Chichen Itza" labels on them

17. Build A Sub Sandwich And We'll Accurately Guess How Many Siblings You Have

Sub sandwich

18. It's Odd, But Your Daily Morning Routine Reveals With Astonishing Accuracy The Color Of Your Soulmate's Hair

Elle Woods with word "blonde" and Cady Heron with word "Red"

19. We Know Which Clique You'd Fit Into Based On The Aesthetics You Prefer

Romantic italian street with Cher from "Clueless" and the words "popular kids"

20. Choose Your Romantic Preferences And See Which Disney Prince Is Worth Falling For

21. Prove You're A True Fan Of The Office By Finishing These Dwight Schrute Quotes

Dwight with the words "Would an idiot do that?"