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I Want To Know Who YOU Think The Jerk Is In These 10 Situations

Someone planned their bridesmaid party on their cousin's birthday...

Lisa and Laura are sisters who visit their parents often. Laura has a family and is married, and Lisa's getting divorced and needs somewhere to stay with her kids. Lisa asks her mother, Julie, if they can stay with them, but her mom says no since they're getting tested for Covid. Laura tells her sister that she should have never asked in the first place, and then the two sisters stop talking to each other.

Summer orders pizza for herself but her best friend, Liz, always eats most of the pizza yet refuses to pay for half. Summer is tired of her doing this so she orders the pizza to have garlic on top which Liz is allergic to. When Liz gets mad, Summer says that she was just joking.

Kathy plans to have her bridesmaids party on the same day of her cousin's birthday. She also tells everyone who's invited to the party to ignore the fact that it's Delia's birthday since the night should be about her. On the day of the party, Delia doesn't attend and ends up going out with a few of the bridesmaids who were supposed to also attend the party but changed their minds. Kathy gets mad and uninvites Delia from the wedding. Delia then shows up at Kathy's wedding but makes it very discreet.

Mary is hosting Christmas this year and invites her cousin, Jake. Jake asks if it's ok to bring his girlfriend, Rachel, and Mary agrees. Jake forgets to tell Mary that his girlfriend is a vegan, and she serves no vegan dishes at Christmas. Rachel gets mad and says Mary did this on purpose. Mary kicks Rachel and Jake out of the house, but the rest of the family gets angry at Mary for ruining the holiday.

Sarah is hosting a party and invites her new neighbour, Jonathan. At the party, Sarah asks Jonathan if this the best party he's been to, and he replies, "One of the top three." Sarah gets angry and tells him that what he said wasn't polite. He tells Sarah it's a joke, but she doesn't invite him to the next party.

Hayden and Ian have been friends since secondary school, and all of a sudden, Ian wants to become an influencer. He takes photos of everything he and Hayden do when they're hanging out and then uploads them to social media. Hayden gets mad at Ian and tells him to take down the photos, but Ian shows him all the likes and comments he got and tells Hayden no.

Will and Georgie have been married for about a year, and Will takes lots of business trips away. Georgie notices that he's been flying to Australia a lot recently, and Will tells her it's because of a hard business deal they've been trying to land and tells her he needs to stay a month. Georgie points out that the month overlaps with his birthday, but Will tells her not to worry. Georgie decides to surprise Will on his birthday and flies to Australia with a gift. Georgie catches Will with another lady named Danielle. Georgie freaks out and confronts him. Will tells Georgie he hadn't actually slept with Danielle yet and wanted to break the news gently when he flew home. They decide to get a divorce in which Georgie takes nearly everything and gets full custody of the kids.

Tiana and Zara are twins and are getting married within a week of each other. Tiana and Zara plan to go dress shopping together and both fall in love with the same dress. Tiana is the quickest and buys the dress first so Zara refuses to come to her wedding and kicks Tiana out of her wedding party.

Mark and Kathryn are shopping for a house. Kathryn takes full control of the search and ends up buying a house she likes without telling Mark. Then she wants to change a few things around with the house but has to leave for her job for a few months. Mark then turns the house into a space he enjoys, and when Kathryn gets back and sees the renovations, she's mad. Mark says he designed the home for the two of them, but Kathryn moves back in with her parents out of anger.

And lastly – Adele owns a company and employs many people as well as her own daughter, Harley. One employee, Damon, says very openly that Adele treats Harley better than everyone else and most people agreed with the statement and wanted to get Harley fired. Adele then fired most of them, including Damon.