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    25 Things Book Lovers Will Absolutely Drool Over This Fall

    How badly do you need a notebook to record all the books you've read in 2020?

    1. Blind Date With a Book, aka a blind date that you will actually be excited to go on since it's with a surprise novel in the genre of your choice.

    Book in brown paper and twine with postcard detailing theme of book inside

    2. A purse in the shape of a best-selling novel that will make your style the talk of the town. Yes, you read that correctly. A book that can actually carry the books for you.

    Book shaped purse in red with gold lettering "Sherlock Holmes" and silhouette of Sherlock smoking a pipe

    3. A calligraphy pen set for those daring readers who want to work on their own Shakespearean play (or at least try their hand at drawing up some fancy letters).

    The set with a wooden pen in a pretty box

    4. A set of gorgeous polished agate bookends because your bookshelf deserves to look as beautiful as your books do.

    5. A stylish and modern print that will let the world know how much you love reading while still showing off your awesome eye for decor.

    A print of a woman in red lipstick, sunglasses, a robe, and a hair towel drinking coffee and reading a book of poetry while sitting near a plant

    6. An awesome RBG literary T-shirt because the only thing better than supporting books is supporting strong women.

    Red t-shirt with the quote "Never underestimate the power of a girl with a book" by RBG

    7. A set of Jane Austen coasters so you can look prim and proper while drinking your morning tea (even if it's iced tea).

    Six coasters in shades of brown and red with small designs with the titles Persuasion, Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, and Northanger Abbey on them.

    8. A perfect book titled I'd Rather Be Reading, for people who love to read, and love to read about reading even more. It features essays for readers who believe books are more than just a hobby, but a lifestyle.

    the book

    9. A unique pressed flower bookmark because you want the inside of your pages to look just as beautiful as the worlds the words take you to.

    Resin bookmark with pink pressed flowers and bits of gold flakes

    10. A literary candle perfect for those who get the chills whenever they hear the fateful phrase, "Once upon a time."

    The candle with a black label that reads "once upon a time"

    11. A booked shaped cake pan because your love of reading is only paralleled by your love of cake.

    12. A floating tree branch bookshelf that helps display your books in a unique and rustic way that will definitely have you stopping to admire your own wall.

    Wooden tree branch shaped bookshelf above the couch

    13. An Alice in Wonderland inspired tea infuser that truly just shouts "Drink me!" for the perfect mug while reading on the couch.

    Silver tea diffuser with clip on charms of a teapot, teacup, teaspoon, and the words "drink me"

    14. And some punny loose leaf tea to go with it that will put you in the perfect mood for reading all night.

    Two brown bags with tea in them labeled "Pride and Peppermint" and "Anne of Green Tea Gables"

    15. A Shakespeare-inspired coloring book that will offer you the chance to relax and color while delving into some gorgeous literary works.

    16. A piece of wall art made from book spines for those who want to display their favorite titles, or perhaps for those who want to show off some classic novels for aesthetic purposes that they aren't too interested in actually reading.

    Three layers of book spines on the wall

    17. A mini journal perfect for keeping track of all those books you read during quarantine, and recording which are your favorites, and which you would rather not read again.

    Small red and white journal with the words "what i read" on the cover

    18. An adorable dog and book planter that fits a few mini succulents because everyone needs a cute way to brighten up their desk while working from home.

    Mini planter of two stacked books with dog reading a book on the side

    19. A set of five pencils with popular Alice in Wonderland quotes to inspire you to follow that white rabbit while doing your own writing.

    Five colorful pencils with foil print quotes from "Alice in Wonderland"

    20. A custom vintage book page necklace that can be engraved with any quote of your choice. Personally, I would spend unlimited dollars on a necklace with basically any Harry Potter quote.

    Four pewter pendants with different literary quotes stamped on them

    21. A nature-inspired and relaxing piece of art on a dictionary page featuring bees and lavender that will certainly bring some cottagecore personality to your room.

    Vintage dictionary book page with print of bees and lavender

    22. A scratch-off book poster to make reading those top 100 books that much more enjoyable. I mean seriously, what is better than crossing things off a list?

    Poster containing book covers for the top 100 books with gold foil scratch-off

    23. A decorative book shaped pencil holder that will look great on your desk and remind you of the ambience of Harry Potter-style libraries and the smell of old books.

    Stacked bookshelf shaped pencil holder with mini book drawer on the bottom

    24. A stamped teaspoon, because who said you can't flaunt your love for books on silverware?

    Silver teaspoon with the words "drink tea. read books. be happy" and small heart design

    25. A mystery book box that contains a vintage tea cup, loose leaf tea, a secondhand book, caramels, a metal bookmark, and a vanilla amber candle. In other words, everything you need for the best night in!

    Box containing mystery book in brown paper, vintage tea cup, loose leaf earl grey tea, metal bookmark with charm, caramels, and vanilla candle

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