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Here Are The 15 Best Quizzes From May So Far

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ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of the best trivia and personality quizzes from May 2021 so far — in one place for your convenience.

1. Choose 10 One-Hit Wonders And We'll Guess Your Age With 91% Accuracy

Gotye's "Somebody That I Used To Know" music video; Macy Gray's "I Try" music video

2. These Actors Are In Everything, But What Do You Know Them From?

Jennifer Coolidge in "Legally Blonde", "Cinderella Story", and "American Pie"

3. I’m Gonna Ask You The Names Of Your Classmates Growing Up — Then I’ll Guess Your Exact Age

Shocked Miley Cyrus with many names

4. I Feel Like Fighting Today, So Let's Decide If These 35 Celebrities Are Cool Or Not

Blake Lively and Mel Gibson

5. These 15 Actor Age Gaps Are So Wild, But I'm Curious If You Can Guess How Big They Really Are

Side-by-side of Tom Welling in "Smallville" and Amy Poehler and Rachel McAdams in "Mean Girls"

6. Getting Less Than 8/10 On This "Harry Potter" Clothing Quiz Means You're A Straight-Up Muggle

Hermione in a purple tie and Hermione in a gold and red tie

7. We Know Your Zodiac Sign Based On The Bubble Tea You Order


8. I Genuinely Want To Know If You'd Actually Wear Rachel Green's Outfits From "Friends"

Rachel in "Friends" wearing sweatpants and wearing a skirt and sweater

9. We Know The State You Live In Solely By The Foods You Pick In This Quiz

Lobster roll with word "Massachusetts" and fried cheese curds with word "Michigan"

10. You Have An Astoundingly High IQ If You Can Correctly Answer All Of These Logic Questions

A confused Charlie from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

11. I Bet You Can't Get 20/26 On This A–Z Of "Twilight"

Bella with the words "Where does Bella move from?"

12. This 30-Question Quiz About Your Life Will Reveal Your Entire Personality Type

Phoebe looking puzzled in "Friends"

13. Can You Survive A Day As A Chef In A Michelin-Star Restaurant?

the "idiot sandwich" sketch with Gordon Ramsay

14. Make Your Own Movie And We'll Give You A Rotten Tomatoes Score

Jennifer Lawrence with number "31%" and Dwayne Johnson with the number "94%"

15. How Mature Is Your Soul? Choose Between These Cheese Or Chocolate Dishes And We'll Tell You

Cheese fries and churro in chocolate sauce