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Here Are The 19 Best Quizzes From July

Ready, set, quiz!

ATTENTION: This is not a quiz. It's a collection of the best trivia and personality quizzes from July 2021 — in one place for your convenience.

1. Only People With High IQs Are Smart Enough To Answer These 15 Trick Questions

Sheldon with the words "high IQ" and Karen with the words "low IQ"

2. Whenever Someone Tells Me They're Smart, These Are The 11 Riddles I Give Them To Prove It

Barry's dad has 3 sons: 1. snap, 2. crackle, 3. ??

3. This "Are You A Karen?" Quiz Is About To Call Some Of Y'all Out

Two Karens with the numbers "100%" and "55%"

4. If You Have Precise Vision, You'll Notice Everything Off In These Pictures

5. If You Recognize These 30 Song Lyrics, Your Parents Raised You Right

Aretha Franklin with the words "What you want, baby I got it" and Freddie Mercury with the words "Is this the real life?"

6. People Are Voting On How These 15 Common First Names Should Be Spelled

Stills showing Claire Foy as the Queen in The Crown and Elisabeth Moss as Offred in Handmaid's Tale

7. You Can Only Save One Movie For Every Letter Of The Alphabet, So You Better Choose Veeeeeery Carefully

Edward and Bella from "Twilight" and Jack and Rose from "Titanic"

8. This Disney Symbol Quiz Is For Fans With Photographic Memories

lion drawing from disney

9. Here Are 30 Vampires From "Twilight" – How Many Can You Identify?

Alice with the question "Irina?" and Irina with the question "Alice?"

10. Unfortunately, Most People Can't Unscramble Half Of These Random Words — Can You?

Karen from "Mean Girls" and the letters "tarew = ?"

11. I'm Genuinely Curious Whether You Think It's OK To Ask For A Manager In These 11 Unfortunate Scenarios

Taylor Swift on "SNL"

12. Let's See If You're Australian, American, Or British When It Comes To Eating

Princess Mia from "Princess Diaries" and british breakfast with the words "Are you more Australian, American, or British?"

13. Please Tell Me I'm Not The Only One Who Hasn't Seen These Popular Shows

David from "Schitt's Creek" is on the left labeled, "Loved it" with Wanda on the right labeled, "Never watched it"

14. If You Read 33/48 Of These Books, You Were Basically A Kid Scholar

15. Let's Decide If These 43 Sometimes Divisive People Are Good Or Bad People

Trump and Blake Lively

16. I'm Dying To Know If You Agree Or Disagree With My Own Controversial Wedding Opinions

Bride crying

17. Choose 10 Of Your Favorite Movies And We'll Accurately (And Surprisingly) Guess Your Age

Lady Bird with "25 years old" and Moana with "16 years"

18. I'll Be Super Impressed If You Can Identify These Unwrapped Candy Bars

Candy with words "Twix" and "Snickers"

19. Oh, You're A Disney Superfan? Prove It By Scoring 11/11 On This Trivia Quiz

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