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13 Quizzes So Entertaining I Forgot I Was Home Alone In My Pajamas

From movies and TV shows to snacks that prove you're an adult, these quizzes will test every part of your brain.

Audrey Engvalson / BuzzFeed

1. Only A Massive "Friends" Fan Will Be Able To Pass This Monica Geller Test


Rachel may get all the credit, but Monica served some serious looks. Take the quiz here.

2. Only People Good At Sleuthing Can Correctly Identify 100% Of These States By Their Official Nicknames

NBC / Getty

Should we all take a field-trip to "the cheese state"? Take the quiz here.

3. Pick Between These Disney Channel Original Movies And We’ll Reveal If You're A Millennial, Cusper, Or Gen Z

Disney Channel

Twitches was superior to all other Disney Channel original movies. Take the quiz here.

4. Do You Have The Same "Hamilton" Opinions As Everyone Else?


Do you prefer "My Shot" or "Non-stop"? Take the quiz here.

5. This "Agree" Or "Disagree" Food Quiz Will Reveal Your Age With 91% Accuracy

BuzzFeed / Gatorade / Getty

If you really love garlic, then you're probably older than 20. Take the quiz here.

6. Here's A Version Of The Cognitive Test Donald Trump "Aced" — Can You Get A 13/13?

Spencer Althouse / estherpoon / Getty Images

Can you do as well as President Trump on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test? Take the quiz here.

7. Build The House Of Your Dreams To Find Out What Age You Are At Heart


Do you prefer a more modern or classic style? Take the quiz here.

8. If You Did 23/31 Things On This List As A Teen, You Were Definitely A Rebel

Netflix / The CW

Tell the truth, did you ever date someone your parents didn't know about? Take the quiz here.

9. Sorry Gen Z, Only Millennials Can Get 10/12 On This '00s Teen Movie Villains Quiz

Warner Bros. Pictures / Buena Vista Pictures / Disney

Every millennial can remember what song Tess performs in Camp Rock. Take the quiz here.

10. Even If It’s Been 10 Years Since You’ve Seen "A Cinderella Story," You Can Still Pass This Quiz

Warner Bros. Pictures

LOL-ing at the time when Sam typed out LOL on her flip phone. Take the quiz here.

11. If You Like At Least 17/20 Of These Snacks, You’re A Real Adult


You aren't a true grown up unless you realize how good bruschetta is. Take the quiz here.

12. If You Ace This General Knowledge Quiz, You May Be Too Smart

20th Century Fox / Getty

Is it possible that you are a secret genius? Take the quiz here.

13. You Can Only Save One Movie For Every Letter Of The Alphabet, And Sorry, But It’s Unbelievably Hard

20th Century Fox / Marvel/Disney / Paramount Pictures

Choosing between Jurassic Park and Jumanji is personally very difficult. Take the quiz here.

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