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Updated on Jul 22, 2020. Posted on Jul 18, 2020

Pick Between These Disney Channel Original Movies And We’ll Reveal If You're A Millennial, Cusper, Or Gen Z

If you don't think Halloweentown and Twitches are the best Halloween movies in the world, you're wrong.

  1. Pick one of these three movies to watch right now:

  2. And one of these:

  3. Which of these three movies do you prefer?

  4. And which of these do you want to watch now?

  5. What about these three?

  6. Which of these movies would you pick?

  7. And these?

  8. How about these three movies?

  9. Pick one of these movies to watch tonight:

  10. And one of these:

  11. Now, pick from these three movies:

  12. Finally, pick one of these:

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