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    17 Times Netflix Was Actually Really Damn Funny

    TV shows where defiantly crossed arms means business!

    1. When the stars (movie titles) perfectly aligned.

    2. When the subtitles perfectly captured Janice's laugh.

    3. More than once.

    4. Seriously, their subtitles are on point.

    5. When they knew the best film to watch after Groundhog Day.

    6. When a user came up with the perfect solution for improving future recommendations.

    How I significantly improved my Netflix

    7. When they spoilt the ending of a movie.

    8. When someone was sick of paying for others.

    9. When a romantic connection was made between movies.

    10. When Futurama began buffering at the perfect moment.

    11. When the categories got a little too specific.

    12. And when they got downright bizarre.

    13. When this perfect suggestion was made.

    14. When Winnie the Pooh was not PG.

    15. And when Gossip Girl was given a perfect description.

    16. When a user had a date with customer support.

    17. And finally, when this recommendation probably ended up scarring a whole lot of people.