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19 Times Ikea Went Way, Way Too Far

"Don't get this one. I farted in it."

1. When they made this Game of Thrones–inspired toilet display.

2. When they sold this weirdly explicit wall art.

3. When they felt that this clarification was needed on their cinnamon buns.

4. And on their hot dogs.

5. When they were just asking to be pranked with this display of kitchen timers.

6. When a customer left this in-store review on a sofa.

7. When they advertised this Valentine's Day offer.

8. When their scissors needed scissors to open.

9. When they went for an honest approach to customer service.

10. When they had these extra-realistic video games on display.

11. When someone pinned this note to the inside of a cabinet.

12. And a saucepan contained this note.

13. When this mattress had an interesting name.

So weird that IKEA named a mattress after the only requirement I have for my ladies

14. When this measuring tape had a typo.

15. When convenience came at a cost.

16. And when someone left a sex toy in a bedside table.

17. When their instruction manuals hurt customers' feelings.

18. When this notice was needed on a display toilet.

19. And then added toilet directions, just to be extra safe.

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