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Nov 30, 2017

This Yes Or No Quiz Will Determine If You're Actually British

Let's find out.

  1. Do you pretty much always forget to bring your own carrier bags to the supermarket?

    Flickr: dullhunk / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed
  2. Have you ever felt like you might be a genius after getting a single question right on University Challenge?

    Granada Television / ITV Studios / BuzzFeed
  3. Do you end phone calls with businesses by saying "cheers, thanks, bye"?

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed
  4. Have you ever apologised for bumping into someone on the street?

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed
  5. And have you ever made that weird little "oop" sound after accidentally walking into someone?

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed
  6. Have you ever referred to a Nando's as being cheeky?

    Flickr: su-lin / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed
  7. Have you ever had a haircut that looked terrible, but smiled and told your hairdresser that it "looks great"?

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed
  8. Have you ever sworn at a self-service checkout?

    Flickr: jaygooby / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed
  9. Have you ever walked in the wrong direction just to avoid walking alongside someone you know?

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed
  10. Do you have strong opinions on whether the milk or water should go into the tea first?

    Flickr: grassrootsgroundswell / Creative Commons
  11. Do you ever complain about the weather and then immediately hate yourself for being such a cliché?

    Flickr: blok70 / Creative Commons / BuzzFeed
  12. Have you put an "x" at the end of a text message in the last 24 hours?

    Getty Images / BuzzFeed

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