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    Dec 14, 2017

    This Is What £750 A Month In Rent Looks Like In The UK Vs The US

    How do they compare?

    1. London, UK – £745 ($1,000)

    Bedrooms: House share

    • Includes all bills, even the Wi-Fi.

    • No need to buy any furniture, because that's also included in the cost.

    2. New York, USA – £710 ($950)

    Bedrooms: House share

    • Sharing with three other people but there's two bathrooms, so things shouldn't get too crowded.

    • Pets are welcome, so feel free to bring along your cat.

    3. Manchester, UK – £725 ($970)

    Bedrooms: Studio

    • The building has security at the front, so no need to worry about pesky thieves.

    • Two minutes walk to the Manchester Metropolitan University campus, so great news for students.

    4. Los Angeles, USA – £700 ($930)

    Bedrooms: Studio

    • The building used to be a hotel in the 1920s, which makes it the perfect setting for a ghost story.

    • There's a "fitness center", otherwise known as a gym, inside the building.

    5. Edinburgh, UK – £750 ($1,000)

    Bedrooms: One

    • It's within walking distance of the city centre.

    • You're going to have to lay down a hefty deposit of £1,125 ($1,510) to secure this place.

    6. Chicago, USA – £660 ($880)

    Bedrooms: Studio

    • The rent includes heating, water, and gas – but no electricity.

    • There's a laundry room and a bike room, making the building incredibly spin cycle friendly.

    7. Cardiff, UK – £700 ($930)

    Bedrooms: Studio

    • The city centre is right on your doorstep.

    • Deep down in the listing it boasts of a free flatscreen TV.

    8. Seattle, USA – £690 ($925)

    Bedrooms: Studio

    • You'll be living on the edge of a golf course, so get your clubs out.

    • Check out how nicely that microwave fits in that alcove.

    9. Plymouth, UK – £625 ($840)

    Bedrooms: One

    • There's a balcony for drinking wine on during those nice summer nights.

    • Two words: underfloor heating.

    10. Miami, USA – £730 ($975)

    Bedrooms: One

    • The flooring looks like it's made of marble, but it's not.

    • if you like your apartment fresh then good news, because the kitchen, appliances, and paint were all recently added.

    11. Belfast, UK – £600 ($800)

    Bedrooms: Two

    • TWO bedrooms. If you live alone you can switch bedroom every night to mix things up a bit.

    • Speaking of the number two, the property has both a front yard and a rear garden.

    12. New Orleans, USA – £750 ($1,000)

    Bedrooms: Studio

    • First off, the exterior of the building is gorgeous.

    • There's a nice little communal garden complete with outdoor furniture.

    13. Leeds, UK – £750 (£1,000)

    Bedrooms: One

    • The exposed brickwork on the inside of the building nicely compliments the outside.

    • Just an eight minutes walk to Leeds train station.

    14. Dallas, USA – £680 ($900)

    Bedrooms: One

    • In the listing, the apartment complex is described as a "boutique community".

    • The new hardwood floors are just begging to be tap danced on.

    15. Liverpool, UK – £750 ($1,000)

    Bedrooms: One

    • Available furnished or unfurnished, so it's your choice if you want to go all Changing Rooms on the place.

    • Not only is there available parking, there's underground parking available.

    16. Minneapolis, USA – £680 ($915)

    Bedrooms: One

    • The building's exterior looks like a tiramisu.

    • There's a ceiling fan in every single room.

    17. Brighton, UK – £750 ($1,000)

    Bedrooms: Studio

    • Great news for lovers of laundry, there's TWO washing machines inside.

    • The building is on a bit of a hill, so remember to put your handbrake on when parking outside.

    18. Boston, USA – £750 ($1,000)

    Bedrooms: One

    • There's a dishwasher, which makes life a little easier I guess.

    • That rug really ties the room together.

    19. Cambridge, UK – £700 ($940)

    Bedrooms: One

    • The bathroom's en-suite, which makes midnight visits even easier.

    • I'm guessing that tin of paint they've left in the bedroom doesn't come with the property.

    20. Milwaukee, USA – £730 ($980)

    Bedrooms: One

    • Great views of the lake and the city.

    • The apartment is very high up, so don't look down if you're afraid of heights.

    21. Birmingham, UK – £750 ($1,000)

    Bedrooms: One

    • Fully furnished and to a very high standard.

    • Look at that glamorous ceiling light in the kitchen!

    22. Philadelphia, USA – £710 ($950)

    Bedrooms: One

    • A very large walk-in shower is always a nice bonus.

    • The hardwood flooring looks very fancy.

    All currency conversions were correct at the time of publishing and have been rounded to the nearest 10.

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