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    44 Things That Mildly Excite All Welsh People

    There's nothing more exciting that Derek predicting a sunny weekend.

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    1. When you remember to bring a spare carrier bag shopping with you.

    2. Or when you forget a bag and find a 5p coin in your pocket.

    3. Even slightly more exciting: when a rule breaking shopkeeper lets you have a plastic bag for FREE.

    4. When an Arriva Wales train actually arrives on time.

    5. When you get a train seat on game day.

    6. Finding Welsh cakes in a non-Welsh supermarket.

    7. When a band announces a tour and they don't skip Wales.

    8. Ordering chips and curry after a night out.

    9. Seeing curry half-and-half on a menu.

    10. England losing at rugby.

    11. England losing at football.

    12. Or England losing at anything, really.

    13. When Derek the weatherman predicts a sunny weekend.

    14. Not having to pay for prescriptions.

    15. When BBC Wales are filming a segment in your hometown.

    16. Hearing a Tom Jones song and feeling strangely patriotic.

    17. Seeing the first daffodils of spring.

    18. Driving down a country road without getting held up by a tractor.

    19. Or any farm animals.

    20. When your phone picks up a 4G signal.

    21. Or even a 3G signal.

    22. Hearing somebody non-Welsh pronounce a Welsh town name correctly.

    23. Double excitement points if it's Llanelli.

    24. Hearing a Welsh accent when you're not in Wales.

    25. Being complimented on your accent when abroad.

    26. Telling someone abroad that you're from Wales and them not replying "where's that?"

    27. Whenever you hear a mention of Wales on a non-Welsh TV show.

    28. Which is especially exciting if it's on an American TV show.

    29. Noticing a scene in Sherlock that was clearly filmed in Cardiff.

    30. Understanding the Welsh translation on a sign and not having to read the English part.

    31. Hearing the chorus of the Welsh national anthem.

    32. Not having to put the heating on in June.

    33. Creating a nickname for someone that ends up sticking.

    34. The sound of a good choir.

    35. Having an internet connection that actually works.

    36. Accidentally clicking the Welsh option on an ATM machine and managing to complete your transaction anyway.

    37. Getting snow when the rest of the UK doesn't.

    38. Seeing a Welsh character in a film who isn't portrayed as an idiot.

    39. Having the correct change for the bus.

    40. Catching a bus that doesn't make a detour through every single goddamn village in Wales.

    41. Having a bowl of homemade cawl on St. David's Day.

    42. Or on any day.

    43. Having the correct change to pay the Severn Bridge toll to get back into Wales.

    44. Seeing the sign that reads "Croeso I Gymru" and knowing you're home.

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