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    I Tried To Live According To Paris Hilton's Instagram And Here's What Happened

    Living my dream.

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    Paris Hilton has the most fire Instagram feed in the world today.

    I, on the other hand, do not have a fire Instagram feed. So I wondered: What would happen if I tried to live the glorious life seen in Paris Hilton's Instagram?

    When you look at Paris Hilton's Instagram feed, a couple of things immediately jump out:

    Instagram: @parishilton

    For a 21st-century celebrity, the most noticeable thing is the lack of selfies. Instead Paris mostly opts for professionally taken photos. More than anything though, her account thrives on self-promotion, elaborate photoshops, and inspirational quotes – and her posts often contain a combination of all these.

    So with this in mind, I devised a 10-step checklist and set off on my quest to experience the life seen in Paris Hilton's Instagram.

    1. Appreciate nature.

    In an effort to show my love for the outdoors I visited the closest bit of greenery to the office – a small square littered with half a dozen trees.

    Showing a vague appreciation for nature in the presence of a professional photographer is definitely something I'll happily keep doing in the future.

    2. Don't be afraid of self-promotion.

    When Paris shares a photo of herself in a photo frame, she looks like a boss. Me, I just look like a prick.

    3. Boast of your connections.

    Unfortunately the only photo I have of me with a celebrity is this one with British TV chef Antony Worrall Thompson.

    4. Celebrate national days.

    As I lay there pretending to hold an oversized carrot cake, a lot of questions raced through my mind.

    I don't know, Ben. I honestly don't know.

    5. Get personal.

    OK, so maybe my face or the name Jamie Jones don't lend themselves so well to customised cushions.

    6. Celebrate intelligence.

    I'm willing to admit that I'm no genius – up until the age of 18 I thought reindeers were fictional animals.

    7. Spread inspiration.

    Paris loves to spread inspiration. I do not.

    8. Be inspiration.

    It was time to go full Paris, or at least attempt to.

    9. Spread your brand.

    This made me ~very~ uncomfortable.

    10. Live your best life.

    Of all the photos taken, this was the one where I was feeling my best.

    Some final thoughts.

    Instagram: @parishilton /

    The biggest realisation for me was the contrasting experiences in taking the photos and then posting them. While I got a hell of a kick out of the reactions to my photos, I'm really not sure if the effort that went into taking the pictures was worth the reward. It's easy to dismiss Paris Hilton's Instagram as just being a shrine to herself and her business ventures, but in doing so you fail to appreciate the confidence and self-acceptance that comes with her style.

    I'm mostly going to stick to my own Instagram aesthetic of badly lit selfies and unplanned photos of every cat I encounter, but I'm not going to shy away from occasionally getting a little more glam. ✨👑✨

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