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28 "Star Wars" Tattoos That Will Awaken The Force In You

Make space for at least one BB-8 tattoo.

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2. Chewbacca, complete with Chewbacca sounds.

Instagram: @jerome_chapman

6. A pointillist interpretation of an iconic Star Wars scene.

Instagram: @charley_gerardin

7. BB-8 rolling around in some shrubbery.

Instagram: @tattsontattsoff

9. Darth Vader and Obi-Wan Kenobi having a lightsaber battle inside Luke Skywalker's face.

Instagram: @inkedstarwars

11. A stylistic outline of a stormtrooper.

Instagram: @erikdehaan

14. A more modern Admiral Ackbar.

Instagram: @larzfrmarz

17. Boba Fett's helmet surrounded by a cobra.

Instagram: @sam_mso

18. A stormtrooper in a symmetrical pattern.

Instagram: @bean_tattoo

21. A splattering of Yoda and Darth Vader.

Instagram: @nojinhos

23. The insignia for the rebel alliance and the galactic empire.

Instagram: @deidrezinn

24. An inventively stunning stormtrooper.

Instagram: @shanetattoos