Spend A Shit Load Of Money And We’ll Guess Your Eye Colour

Eye hope you spend it wisely.

    1. Via Getty Images
    1. Via Christopher Polk / Getty Images
      A private gig from your favourite artist
    2. Via Getty Images
      VIP entry to every club
    3. Via Alex Morton / Getty Images
      Lifetime tickets for your sports team
    1. Via Getty Images
      Unlimited cinema passes
    2. Via Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images
      Private cooking classes with a celebrity chef
    3. Via Theo Wargo / Getty Images
      A year’s supply of theatre tickets
    1. 5* hotel in Tokyo
    2. Caribbean cruise
    3. Las Vegas penthouse
    1. Bora Bora
    2. African safari
    3. Skiing in the Swiss Alps
    1. Spa retreat
    2. Cottage in the French countryside
    3. Via Getty Images
      A New Zealand adventure holiday
    1. Host a massive party
    2. Save a community centre from closure
    3. Adopt a dozen animals
    1. Build a hospital wing
    2. Buy your parents a house
    3. Via Getty Images
      Drop money from a blimp
    1. Via ideum.com
      Touchscreen coffee table
    2. Remote control dragon
    3. Cocktail machine
    1. Via toxel.com
      Pac-Man ukulele
    2. Super fancy workstation
    3. Water therapy bed
    1. Via Getty Images
      Skee ball machine
    2. Jetpack
    3. Aquarium sink
    1. Sailing
    2. Art collecting
    3. Horse riding
    1. Golfing
    2. Flying
    3. Via Getty Images
    1. Via Getty Images
      A fancy fountain
    2. An ocelot
    3. Via Getty Images
      A new wardrobe
    1. Via Getty Images
      A library
    2. Via Getty Images
      A private cinema
    3. Via Getty Images
      An indoor pool
    1. Via Getty Images
      A fully stocked wine cellar
    2. Via Getty Images
      A sauna
    3. An underground garage

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