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26 Things You Probably Didn't Notice In "Jessica Jones"

AKA Easter eggs.

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16. Oh, and like all Marvel screen adaptations there's a brief cameo by Stan Lee. The same photo of the Marvel legend seen on the police station walls in Daredevil can also be seen in Jessica Jones.

Episode 7 "AKA Top Shelf Perverts"


18. If you have the subtitles on, when Jessica visits the hospital in episode 2 a couple of cops can be overheard asking about a "Wilson", possibly in regards to Daredevil's villain Wilson Fisk.

Episode 2 "AKA Crush Syndrome"


24. We get another possible reference to a Marvel character, this time a villain, when a sign reading Matador – the name of a Daredevil villain – can briefly be seen in the background of a scene.

Episode 1 "AKA Ladies Night"

26. And finally, the costume that Trish presents to Jessica in a flashback is an exact replica of the costume worn by Jessica in the comics during her crimefighting career as Jewel.

Episode 5 "AKA The Sandwich Saved Me"