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24 Perfectly Timed Pictures That Actually Somehow Happened

Some things are just meant to be.

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1. When this shirt perfectly complemented a tattoo.

2. When two brands of rice came together as one.

3. When this cat recreated The Shining.

4. When this bus made a splash.

5. When Homer spotted Marge through a window.

6. When this ad placement happened.

7. When the reincat was born.

8. When Honest Abe's death got a Hollywood remake.

9. When this TV cable appeared to make an onscreen appearance.

10. When Pedro Pascal questioned a viewer's footwear.

11. When this shadow lined up so perfectly.

12. When two dogs formed a superdog.

13. When someone reached behind the TV and ended up making a cameo appearance.

14. When a bird lined every tree top.

15. When lightning struck at a picture-perfect moment.

16. When the back of this truck blended into the landscape.

17. When this perfectly timed photo was taken.

18. When three clones rode the bus.

19. When a dog transformed into a cow.

20. When Obama resembled a Stretch Armstrong.

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21. When an Egyptian god made a surprise appearance on public transport.

22. When a passer-by was given a beautiful fountain dress.

23. When a line on a parking lot's floor matched up neatly with a car's decal.

24. And when this photo placement made a magazine more interesting.