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Noel Fielding's Fashion Has Been On Point This Entire Series Of "Bake Off"

Seriously, who else could flawlessly pull off a tomato patterned shirt?

OK, so between Prue's premature announcement AND LIAM BEING ROBBED this series of Bake Off may not have been the smoothest in the show's history.

But there's one saving grace that's more than redeemed the wrongs: Noel Fielding's A+ style.

Noel fielding's fashion sense continues to slay my existence! #GBBO2017

Cast your mind back to the very first episode of the series when Noel wore this bird-patterned shirt.

Love Productions / Channel 4 / DONNA IDA

For the curious, the shirt is by Silken Favours but seems to to be unavailable to buy from anywhere.

And the very next week he graced us with a jumper that wouldn't look out of place in an art gallery.

Love Productions / Channel 4

Seriously, if anyone knows where this is from, drop me a message.

Bread week saw Noel bust out this long shirt from Lazy Oaf.

Love Productions / Channel 4 / Miss Kleckley

What makes Noel's style 100 times better is that he's not afraid to look outside of the men's section for his clothes.

No offense to any of the bakers, but this ice cream shirt was the tastiest thing in the tent during caramel week.

Love Productions / Channel 4 / Asos

This shirt was another one from Lazy Oaf.

In week five we were introduced to another killer jumper, this time by London-based fashion designer Bella Freud.

Love Productions / Channel 4

Check out this shirt/cardigan combo from pastry week.

Love Productions / Channel 4

Seriously, raise your hand if you think you could pull off a tomato shirt.

Love Productions / Channel 4 / Farfetch

If you raised your hand you have no excuse not to immediately go out and buy a fruit or vegetable patterned item of clothing.

In case you missed it, this shirt looked even better from the back.

Love Productions / Channel 4

Noel's clothes are like gifts that keep on giving.

For the average person a nautical themed shirt combined with a dozen floating guitars would be difficult to pull off.

Love Productions / Channel 4

Somehow Noel makes it look like the most natural thing in the world.

And for the finale, we were blessed with this '60s influenced shirt.

Love Productions / Channel 4


Noel Fielding: Comedic genius, Bake Off host, and FASHION ICON.

Love Productions / Channel 4

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