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Val, Selasi, And Benjamina Are Going To Back To "Bake Off" And Christmas Is Saved

Oh, and Paul (you know, who made the fantastical bread lion)!

16 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up "Bake Off 2017"

"GBBO needs to do an all stars series for all the people who deserved better over the years."

Noel Fielding's Fashion Has Been On Point This Entire Series Of "Bake Off"

Seriously, who else could flawlessly pull off a tomato patterned shirt?

Liam Is The Winner Of "The Great British Bake Off" 2017

This is our story and we're sticking to it.

18 WTF Noel Fielding Moments From "The Great British Bake Off"

He's one of the best things this series, besides Liam.

Channel 4's Boss Thinks Many People Prefer Its Version Of "Bake Off"

Outgoing chief executive David Abraham made the comment during a defence of the network's purchase of the hit show, which he claims has become crucial to the financial health of Channel 4.

19 Times The "Bake Off" Bakers Lived Their Best Lives

The real legacy of the tent is the friendships.

Someone Has Left "Bake Off" And The British Are Exceptionally Angry

If you haven't watched the latest Bake Off yet, then please be aware of spoilers.

19 Times Tumblr Was Just Really Funny About "The Great British Bake Off"

"Stupid Paul, devaluing the handshake economy."

Here's Another Special Reason Why Liam From "Bake Off" Is Bloody Great

And that's why you should be backing him on the show this year.

For Anyone Who Is Obsessed With "Bake Off's" Yan

Her enthusiasm for football, science and baking is a winning combination.

17 Times The "Bake Off" Bakers Were The Cutest On Twitter

Spoiler: they're basically all the best of friends.

7 Tried And Tested Products To Take Your Baking To The Next Level

Including a genius alternative to greasing the tin that means your cake will never get stuck again.

17 Reasons Julia Is The Best Contestant On This Year's "Bake Off"

She bakes while Skyping her nan. It's too wholesome.

14 Times Liam Has Been So Goddamn Great On "Bake Off"

Liam to Tom: "We're getting drunk tonight."

A "Drag Race" Joke Happened On "Bake Off" And Our Worlds Are Colliding

Two of the best shows on television are merging.

"Bake Off" Just Out Innuendo'd Itself And Nothing Will Save You Now

“If they don’t, the bottom will blow off the top so the top literally falls off.”

Which 2017 "Bake Off" Contestant Are You?

Unfortunately, you cannot be Noel Fielding.

Send Us Your Attempts At "The Great British Bake Off"

Were you ever inspired to bake something because you watched Bake Off but it went a bit awry? Send us your photos.

We Need To Talk About Flo From "The Great British Bake Off"

Just Flo dancing to "All About That Bass" makes her an automatic winner.

Can You Choose Between These 11 Impossible "Bake Off" Dilemmas?

Would you rather see Paul or Noel dance naked?

Can You Win "Bake Off"?

On your marks, get set... BAKE.

We Watched The New Channel 4 "Bake Off" And Had A Lot Of Thoughts

"Noel looks like he’s meeting his girlfriend’s Tory parents for the first time and is having to hide his true self."

19 Tweets That Perfectly Sum Up The First "Bake Off" Episode On Channel 4

"Mary Berry bursts in shitfaced wielding an empty bottle of gin. 'I MADE THIS TENT' she screams as she attacks Prue."

What Did You Make Of The New Channel 4 "Bake Off"?

The biggest show on British television has made a controversial swap to Channel 4. Let us know what you made of it.

Noel Fielding Is A Treat As One Of The New Hosts Of "Bake Off"

Eating a marigold flower: "Tasted like a clown's nose."

I Baked A Cake For The "Bake Off" Judges And It Was A Disaster

“You know, I don’t think you’re going to win Bake Off.”

The New "Bake Off" Is Basically The Same As The Old "Bake Off"

Sandi Toksvig, Noel Fielding, and Prue Leith are joining Bake Off. They, alongside Paul Hollywood, have spoken to journalists at various Q&As and screenings. Here's what they have to say.

Channel 4 Has Announced When "Bake Off" Is On And It's Caused An Awkward Clash

"We don't, in this instance, see any public value in two public service broadcasters going head to head in this way," the BBC said in a statement.

23 Weird Things Noel Fielding Has Said That He Probably Can't On "Bake Off"

"The moonlight always made The lonely Prince vomit in right angles x"

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