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22 People Who Managed To Fuck Up A Sandwich

What did the sandwich ever do to us?

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1. PSA: This is not a fucking sandwich.

Want a healthier sandwich? Use a cucumber instead of bread:

2. Firstly, take a look at this horrific sight.

My worst nightmare: making Lizzie her daily "may" sandwich #gag 😷

3. Here's a Doritos sandwich with an extra helping of butter.

Doritos sandwich 😍😘 I think I'm the only person that does this

4. How did Doritos sandwiches become a thing?

β€œ@DrAkE21FaR: All I eat when I'm alone. #peanutbutter #dorito #sandwich ” YAY IM NOT THE ONLY ONE THAT DOES THAT!

5. Some people even like filling their sandwiches with cereal.

Ah, 18, I'm coming into you with the celebratory meal of champions: an almond butter and cereal sandwich.

6. Please stop putting cereal in sandwiches. It's ungodly.

Turkey, strawberry conserve and cereal sandwich as entry course. Also known as #SinnersSandwich.

7. "Do you think God stays in heaven because he too, lives in fear of what he's created?" – Steve Buscemi, Spy Kids 2

8. Please be a typo.

. @SteevMo Hmmm - I'm not sure how well these'll sell. Worst sandwich filling ever? :-( "THAT'S TUUUUNA!!!..."

9. If you're ever feeling uncreative just remember this person who filled a sandwich with another slice of bread.

@dekubuscemi 6) i once made the worst & blandest sandwich of my life bc i once convinced @squidimitri do the same

10. Or this guy and his toast sandwich.

"@JamilSays: Bruh, my girl just made me a toast sandwich. I swear I love this girl πŸ˜πŸ˜‹πŸ’˜ "LOL

11. You know what else has no place in a sandwich? Spaghetti.

12. And its Eastern cousin: The noodle.

@HeidiGoitia .....the struggle is real when you fail to go to the store for sandwich meats. #NationalSandwichDay

13. Just because two things taste good individually doesn't mean they'll taste good together.

I cant believe this sandwich actually existed!! Oh dear @Tesco #tesco

14. Something they haven't learnt in Japan yet.

15. Or in Britain – and Britain invented the damn sandwich.

The worst sandwich I've ever seen. @Tesco, this is just wrong. #TooMuchChristmas

16. This person is still haunted by their monstrous creation.

This was the worst sandwich I've ever made, I still can't sleep at night because im thinking about it

17. And this person has dragged an innocent Subway employee into their sandwich crime.

18. How can someone fuck up a sandwich this much?

Harley is the worst sandwich maker in the world

19. Even eating sandwiches is too difficult for some.

Am i the only one that eats there sandwich like this?

20. Whoever made this sandwich should be arrested.

Worst cheese sandwich ever from @BootsUK. Poor cheese coverage

Seriously, this bread to cheese ratio should carry at least a five-year sentence.

21. The world began without sandwiches, and it will end without sandwiches.

"@MADEinPAYNE: You need to cop an ice sandwich RT @Me: "@iamNateMcLaurin Should I order wingstop?" Is water wet?"

22. RIP sandwiches.