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    25 Times Humans Went Way, Way Too Far

    We're all to blame.

    1. When we filmed ourselves in medieval chainmail, fighting sharks underwater.

    2. When we wanted our kids to experience all the fun of an oil rig.

    3. When stationery just wasn't functional enough for us.

    4. When we decided that we needed Nerf headphones.

    5. When we forged beautiful, yet questionable, armour for our cats.

    6. And then, just to up the ante a little, we started creating protection for the mice.

    7. When we had no time for cooking, so came up with this on-the-go solution.

    8. When we decided that we needed George R. R. Martin's face plastered on our crotch.

    9. When we were too lazy to make sandwiches, so we canned the damn things.

    10. When sudoku wasn't exciting enough, so we added Snakes on a Plane.

    11. When visual and audio quality seemed really important to us.

    12. When we solved the problem of loneliness.

    Justin Crowe and Aric Snee

    13. When we formed a fast-food inspired heavy metal band called Mac Sabbath.

    14. When we really wanted to show our love for the dearly departed by creating a dildo urn.

    Zanne Zurné / Yoram Tomasowa

    15. When we harnessed energy through masturbation.

    16. When we wanted to broadcast our every action to the world.

    17. When years of agriculture resulted in us using plants to break up with our partners.

    18. When we wanted to sit on Nicolas Cage's face.

    19. When we wanted to smell like stilton.

    20. And when Burger King releasing their own fragrance wasn't enough, we had Piers Morgan advertise it.

    Tim Whitby / Getty Images

    21. When we thought "hey, you know what? Let's make edible chocolate anuses!"

    22. When we started turning board games into apps and then turning those apps back into board games.

    23. When we got too lazy to pet our own pets.

    24. When this sport was deemed worthy of having a championship event.

    25. And finally, when we legitimately started training seals for our armies.

    Stringer Russia / Reuters

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