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16 Incredible Maps That Will Blow Your Mind

These maps will change your understanding of our planet.

1. This map which shows you what country is standing directly across the ocean from you.

2. This map which shows the concentration of the planet's population.

3. This map showing all the sparsely populated areas of the USA

4. This map which shows how the US population fits into China.

5. Which is nothing compared to Australia where only 2% of the population live in the yellow shaded area.

6. What would it look like if countries were rearranged according to population? Luckily, there's a map for that.

7. But if you really want to get away from it all, this map shows the point of earth furthest away from any land.

8. This map shows just how much space there is between land – enough to fit all the continents in the Pacific Ocean.

9. This map showing the longest distance you can travel between two points in a straight line without crossing a major body of water.

10. This map of Pangea with current international borders.

11. This map showing the size of the USA compared to the moon.

12. And just in case that didn't make you feel small enough, here's the size of the USA in comparison to Jupiter.

13. This beautiful map of the Earth's vegetation.

14. If you really want a change of perspective, this is what the world looks like in the mirror.

15. These terrifying maps that shows what the world could look like if the ice caps melt.

16. And finally there's this map, offering a completely new frame of reference for looking at our planet.