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    If Disney Princesses Had Realistic Everyday Struggles

    Life is so much harder in the real world.


    Sleeping Beauty would awaken with a serious case of bedhead and would have to hit the snooze button at least four times before finally getting up.


    As soon as Cinderella steps outside after getting her hair and makeup perfect, it would almost certainly start raining.

    Snow White

    With her incredibly pale complexion, Snow White's skin would burn to hell and back, despite using expensive, high-factor sunscreen.


    Elsa would go outside dressed in her normal attire and feel really damn awkward being the only one not wearing a coat.


    It's bad enough when you have a dog or a cat, so imagine all the stray hair you'd get on your clothing after a day with the Beast. Belle would spend all day picking stray hair from her clothing and never quite get all of it.


    There's no way hair that straight is natural, and given the length of it, Rapunzel's hair would take AGES to straighten — her whole week would revolve around planning when to wash her hair.


    Ariel would spend hours on clothes websites, struggling to find outfits that come in her unique body shape. (Yes, she has an underwater laptop with excellent wifi connection)


    After enduring the gusts of wind that no doubt come with a magic carpet ride, there's no way Jasmine's hair and make-up remains in their pristine condition.