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Can You Remember The Horrible Ways In Which These "Eastenders" Characters Died?

Business idea: Open up a funeral home in Albert Square.

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  1. 1. Barry Evans

    Shot with a flare gun.
    Pushed off a cliff.
    Speedboat accident.
  2. 2. Jamie Mitchell

    Gangrenous infection.
    Struck by a car.
    Food poisoning.
  3. 3. Laura Beale

    Fell down the stairs.
    House collapse.
    Electrocuted by a hairdryer.
  4. 4. Bradley Branning

    Fell from a roof.
    Buried alive.
    Car accident.
  5. 5. Steve Owen

    Impaled with a shard of glass.
    Motorbike accident.
    Blast injury from a car explosion.
  6. 6. Trina Johnson

    Impaled on a rake.
    Bludgeoned with a flower pot.
    Strangled with a garden hose.
  7. 7. Yusef Khan

    Hit by a train
    Building collapse during a house fire.
    Drowned in the ocean.
  8. 8. Kevin Wicks

    Impaled by a pole after a car accident.
    Froze in a supermarket freezer.
    Choked on his dinner.
  9. 9. Heather Trott

    Bludgeoned with a vase.
    Bludgeoned with a picture frame.
    Bludgeoned with a DVD player.
  10. 10. Dennis Rickman

    Shot by Jake Moon.
    Stabbed by Danny Moon.
    Bludgeoned by Alfie Allen.
  11. 11. Trevor Morgan

    Hit over the head with an iron.
    Slipped and hit his head on a mantlepiece.
    An explosion during a house fire.
  12. 12. Pauline Fowler

    Bludgeoned with a toaster.
    Bludgeoned with a blender.
    Bludgeoned with a frying pan.

Can You Remember The Horrible Ways In Which These "Eastenders" Characters Died?

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