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    22 Photos That Sum Up Halloween In The UK Vs Halloween In America

    Halloween costumes in the US: Gun-slingin' cowboy. Halloween costumes in the UK: The Chuckle Brothers.

    1. Pumpkin carving in America:

    Pumpkin carving in the UK:

    2. Halloween parties in America:

    Halloween parties in the UK:

    3. Men's halloween costumes in America:

    Men's halloween costumes in the UK:

    4. Women's halloween costumes in America:

    Women's Halloween costumes in the UK:

    5. Halloween candy in America:

    Halloween candy in the UK:

    It'll soon be Halloween so time to prepare some yummy treats for the neighbourhood kids. Try dipping Brussels sprou…

    6. Couples' costumes in America:

    Couples' costumes in the UK:

    7. Halloween decorations in America:

    Halloween decorations in the UK:

    8. Kids' Halloween costumes in America:

    My sons #Halloween costume 4 tomorrow! #Country #Cowboy #GodBlessTheUSA *** A young PROUD #Patriot

    Kids' halloween costumes in the UK:

    9. Trick-or-treating in America:

    Trick-or-treating in the UK:

    10. Halloween face paint in America:

    Halloween face paint in the UK:

    My cousin wanted to be a cat for halloween but..

    11. Celebrity halloween costumes in America:

    It has come to my attention that last year Kyle MacLachlan went as kale for halloween. Kale MacLachlan 😭

    Celebrity Halloween costumes in the UK: