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The Best Of The Internet's Reaction To The 2016 Brit Awards

"Adele don't even bother sitting down babe just stay up there."

1. The evening began with a surprise appearance on the red carpet.

Fucking hell, when did Henry get big enough to play The O2?! #Brits

2. Craig David also took time off from his busy schedule to make an appearance.

Coup for the Brits to get Craig David tonight. He's usually making love on a Wednesday #BRITs2016

3. There were the usual tweets of things celebrities looked like.


deus perdoa, a internet nao #BRITs2016

5. Especially when it came to Jess Glynne.

Jess Glynne is my least favourite Weasley #BRITs2016


Jess Glynne looks like the posh one from the Wallace and Gromit movie #BRITs2016

7. H from Steps reminisced about his time in the spotlight.

In 2000 STEPS won a @brits Award for 'Best Live Act'. They told us we had to pay £500 each for one. I told them to get stuffed ! #BRITs2016

8. Half of One Direction made their presence felt.


9. Bieber made a touching speech.

Bieber: "Life is a journey. Everyone has their ups and downs. I lost a monkey."

10. Which Father John Misty didn't care for.

Father John Misty's total lack of interest as he loses best international male to Justin Bieber is my new jam

11. Adele made us love her even more.

adele's speech = every voicemail ever left after 2 litres of Pinot Grigio Blush. #BRITs2016

12. As she won award after award after…

Adele don't even bother sitting down babe just stay up there

13. Dec had no idea where to look.

14. In fact, no one did.

Next year the brits should invest in a massive arrow point towards the camera

15. More people loved Adele.

Ian Gavan / Getty Images / Twitter: @rtuckster_


th thing i love about adele is u hear this beautiful singing voice then she talks and it's like ur nan telling u about what happened in asda

17. A beautiful (but slightly long) tribute to Bowie was made.

In roughly the same time these speeches have taken, Bowie released both Heroes and Low in 1977 #BRITs

18. But some on Twitter got their condolences confused.

My favourite Bowie tribute of the evening.

In summary:


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